Groovy bops, slick solos and psychedelic cats: Dope Lemon at The Forum

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Groovy bops, slick solos and psychedelic cats: Dope Lemon at The Forum

Dope Lemon
words by Acacia Gabriel

In a blur of smoke and colourful graphics, Dope Lemon and the band took to the stage in funky, autumn-coloured suits and wide-brimmed hats. 

The show was groovy and psychedelic with an audience that was happy to sway along under the Forum’s artificial night sky.

Dope Lemon, AKA Angus Stone, has a sound that has transformed into something different from the folk style of Angus & Julia Stone songs like Big Jet Plane or Chateau.

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His first three albums as Dope Lemon are far more jazzy and experimental, with his fourth album, Kimosabé, set to release this month. Angus Stone’s voice is raspy, cut with an edge that draws you in.

He plays the type of music you want to be a part of, with people happily singing along to words they didn’t know, dancing in place, and clapping to the beat. Rose Pink Cadillac and Marinade were clearly the crowd’s favourites, but every song had the audience grooving and crooning along.


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While this is Angus Stone’s solo project, he was joined by a talented cast of characters. Guitar solos had the crowd singing along and cheering and mysterious background dancers with mascot cat heads kept things interesting. 

The classic, dreamy theatre was delightfully juxtaposed by the eccentric projections on stage. If you looked up you could see Greek statues, but if you looked forward it was like watching Rick and Morty, Midnight Gospel or some other trippy adult animation show.

The aforementioned mysterious cats were sprinkled into the stage graphics and, in a cheeky Easter egg, similar cats can also be found in Dope Lemon’s Spotify visuals and music videos. 

Dope Lemon’s performance was the type of creative expression that makes live music special. Between the beautiful set design, intriguing personalities and gorgeous sound, the show was wonderfully weird and fun in a way that made me feel closer to Dope Lemon.

I could experience the art in a way that isn’t fully captured in a Spotify listening session. Our night in the Forum was a unique moment just for the people in that room, and that is exactly why live music connects us to the artist and to each other. 

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