Hayden Calnin to launch his latest EP with a unique experience at the Brunswick Ballroom

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Hayden Calnin to launch his latest EP with a unique experience at the Brunswick Ballroom

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Calnin, known for his intricate blend of acoustic folk melodies, lush soundscapes, and haunting vocals, has just released A Turning Of The Tide: Side B.

He’ll be celebrating the launch of his most recent EP at the Brunswick Ballroom, where he’ll be performing in full band mode, accompanied by dancers choreographed by Green Room Award winner Freya List, whose work includes productions like Cruel Intentions and Tick Tick Boom. Catch the folk sensation live on September 22.

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Hayden Calnin’s creative journey for A Turning Of The Tide: Side B took him to a hideaway in Rye Ocean Beach at the beginning of 2022. The EP, which includes previous singles like I Believe In Something More and We Lost Sight Of The Shoreline, explores themes of growth and navigating change.

It’s the companion release to last March’s Side A EP, continuing Hayden’s profound emotional reflection. The night will kick off with support from the cinematic alt-indie band, Grand Pine.

“Art is collaborative at some of its finest moments,” says Hayden. “Dance has always been alongside and part of my musical career, so it seemed only fitting to combine both of those worlds for a live audience.

“I’m launching an album of new songs, and for most, are being played for the first time. I went into the idea of a collaborative gig with the intention of it being more of an exhibition piece than a traditional performance, in which it is not just about the music or the messages within it, but on how it can affect you as you are experiencing it.

“The band and I will be performing the songs throughout the night, and in turn the Dancers will respond. I’m working with choreographer Freya List who will allow the movement to be half choreographed , half improvised.

“We don’t really know where that will go or how it’s all going to come together, so you’ll just have to come to the show and see.”

It all goes down on September 22. Grab tickets by heading here.