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Who are we chatting to?Karina, Cam and Joey and we are in Glades. 


What do you do? We write songs, make music and play shows. We’re quite collaborative when it comes to writing songs, we do it all together. In terms of our live show, Karina is the lead singer, Cam plays guitar and Joey plays keys.   


How did Glades form?Cam and Joey started producing for other people but soon found out that we wanted to make music that was ours; music that we’d listen to. We both knew Karina from school, and one day when Cam was driving Karina home, he asked her to be our lead singer, and she said yes. 


Do you think youre good?We’re still learning – we’re always learning and we try to keep that as our mindset. It’s so easy to become complacent once you know your ‘good’ at something. We want to better our creativity each day. 


What makes you happiest about making music?Music is our way of saying the things that we can’t explain with just words. We are intimate, vulnerable and honest without being scared to be that. Music and song can reach people that a conversation can’t as it’s not limited to being face to face with someone. 


Whats you proudest moment?Meeting fans who love the music we make and seeing how our music connects with them. The moment we could all quit our day jobs and solely do music, is also a pretty hard moment to top.