Don Fernando

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Don Fernando


What’s the Don Fernando journey been like so far? I’m the founding member so it’s been a pretty wild journey, numerous lineup changes and lots of touring has made sure it’s been eventful. We started in Wollongong a little over ten years ago and made the move to Melbourne soon after.

What’s the best part about playing live? Live is great because its spontaneous and energetic, there’s no other feeling that can compare to the feeling of being on stage as part of a band that is really kicking arse, it’s electrifying and the feedback from an audience that’s really into the show is the best thing.

Do you think audiences around the world appreciate music in different ways? I think on the surface, yes, when we travel to different countries you notice a different approach to the way people express themselves. For example, in Latin America people dance more and are more free spirited and less inhibited than here in Australia. But I also find that once you break down those barriers and inhibitions, in any country, people are essentially the same, they’re feeling it in the same way, just expressing it differently.

How do you prepare for a live show? We’re really chilled in our approach, I love to watch the other bands that are playing and have a few beers. I still get nervous sometimes, it’s hard to predict when nerves will kick in, if we’re playing a really big show I’ll probably be a bit nervous, otherwise it’s just business as usual.