Get ready to redecorate: The Affordable Art Fair returns to Melbourne

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Get ready to redecorate: The Affordable Art Fair returns to Melbourne

affordable art fair
words by kaya martin

From paintings to sculptures, there will be hundreds of pieces on display.

If all you’ve got up on the walls are fraying band posters, sticky-tacked polaroids or worse: some print your mum got you from Kmart when you moved out for uni, you might want to swing by the Affordable Art Fair and pick up something a little more sophisticated.

After hosting events in New York, Berlin, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Singapore, the Affordable Art Fair will return to Melbourne next month for four days of festivities.

Affordable Art Fair Melbourne

  • Hosted in the Royal Exhibition Building, the event will offer art priced under $10,000
  • It will run from August 31 to September 3
  • Visitors will have the chance to view original contemporary pieces by rising designers and potentially purchase a few of their own

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If we’re being honest, ‘affordable’ might be a bit subjective – all pieces up for grabs will be under $10,000, which is still a significant chunk of change for many.

But there will be many cheaper options as well, including paintings, prints, sculptures and mixed media works. Keep an eye out for the hot pink ‘under $1000’ stickers throughout the showcase.

It’s also a great place to get in early on budding local talent. The Discover: Young Talent platform showcases handpicked hidden gems who are climbing up the ranks in the art world.

This year, they’re featuring Yi Chen’s series inspired by the pond at the Carlton Gardens, Chris Henderson’s rural-inspired works, Alex Kynaston’s paintings drawing from psychoanalysis, Lic McCarten’s textural realism and Flick Chafer-Smith’s geometric works.

It’s a great place for first-time buyers and professional collectors alike to dive into the world of contemporary art, get to know the artists, have a glass of wine with friends and support local creatives. Even if you don’t end up with a brand-new piece, you’ll definitely leave feeling inspired.

To grab your tickets to the Melbourne Affordable Art Fair, on from August 31 to September 3, head here