The Fence: This thrilling one-woman play explores the dangers just next door

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The Fence: This thrilling one-woman play explores the dangers just next door

the fence
wordsby staff writer

Is it just a typical case of nosy neighbours or is there something darker afoot?

Neighbours are strange – we spend our lives right beside them, sometimes even sharing walls, but most of the time we have no idea what is happening on their side.

Perhaps we get a few glimpses. We say shy ‘hellos’ on the sidewalk, avoid eye contact in the elevator, hear curious noises through the floorboards or the smell of dinner wafting through the halls. But for most of us, it’s rare we ever actually cross the threshold.

The Fence

  • This one-woman play follows a woman who begins to fear for her neighbours after the fence comes down between the two houses
  • It is written by Fleur Murphy, directed by Alice Darling and performed by Louisa Mignone
  • The performance will run from Wednesday to Sunday, August 9 to 20 at Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre

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The Fence asks what might push us to do so. Presented by the Darebin Arts Speakeasy and 29 Scenes, the play explores the fear of the unknown and the dark possibilities that may lay just next door.

In an ordinary suburban neighbourhood, the fence comes down between two homes. For one woman (performed by actress Lousia Mignone), keeping her eyes out of her neighbour’s business isn’t as easy as it seems.

The couple next door has a new baby. She hadn’t noticed it before. In the night, terrifying sounds ring through the air, becoming increasingly harder to ignore.

Written by acclaimed playwright Fleur Murphy (Nothing, Hearth) and directed by Alice Darling, this gripping solo work tackles questions of privacy, responsibility and bravery.

Over the course of the 60-minute run time, the play takes viewers through a journey of paranoia and perseverance, pushing both the performer and the audience to the edge.

To get your tickets to see The Fence, running from August 9 to 20 at Northcore Town Hall Arts Centre, head here