There’s an exhibition of Banksy’s street art heading to Melbourne

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There’s an exhibition of Banksy’s street art heading to Melbourne

Credit: Jacek Wójcikowski Fotografia
words by staff writer

Have you heard? The art world’s most elusive and notorious graffiti artist is heading our way.

That’s right, Banksy, the UK’s most controversial creative genius, is bringing his mind-blowing exhibition, The Art of Banksy: Without Limits, to Melbourne after making waves in Brisbane.

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For those few souls who haven’t heard of Banksy yet (where have you been?), he’s the enigmatic mastermind behind some of the most iconic and thought-provoking artworks scattered across the globe. With no known face and a shroud of mystery surrounding him, Banksy hides in plain sight while captivating millions with his mind-blowing creations.

The Art of Banksy exhibition has already wowed audiences in Amsterdam, Istanbul, and Tel Aviv, and now it’s Australia’s turn to bask in his brilliance. Prepare to feast your eyes on over 150 of his incredible artworks, presented in various forms, from prints and photos to sculptures, installations, and even mind-bending murals recreated right before your eyes.

One of the exhibition’s highlights is an infinity room that immerses you in Banksy’s most iconic works, making you feel like you’re stepping into a visual wonderland; as well as murals dedicated to seven of his latest creations in war-torn Ukraine, showcasing his bold stance on politics and social issues.

As part of the exhibition, there’s a whole room is devoted to the mesmerising Louis Michel artworks, offering a glimpse into Banksy’s diverse artistic arsenal. And hey, did we mention the simulation of Banksy’s largest art piece, Dismaland? It was a pop-up amusement park that hilariously flipped the script on the traditional notion of amusement.

Renowned for his thought-provoking art that questions politics, social trends, and serves as a powerful form of activism, turns out this exhibition isn’t officially affiliated with Banksy himself. He’s made that clear on his website, but given his penchant for pranks and pulling one over on the art establishment, well, let’s just say it’s all part of the mystique.

While we’re eagerly waiting for the dates of the Melbourne leg to be announced, you can keep your eyes peeled on the website for updates.