Fringe Festival: Campari shake off lockdown lethargy with thumping Chinese electronica

Fringe Festival: Campari shake off lockdown lethargy with thumping Chinese electronica

Fringe Festival Campari

Campari's 'Red Passion' infuses electronic beats with classical Chinese melodies that ignite your senses and invites you to shake off your lockdown lethargy.

Melbourne Fringe Festival and Campari combine for free audio project ‘Red Passion’, a collaboration by Mindy Meng Wang and Joel Ma that combines electronic beats and classical Chinese melodies, to celebrate the space between traditional and contemporary.

Red Passion ignites your senses and invites you to shake off your lockdown lethargy with a short experimental audio work that encourages you to pop it on your stereo, enjoy it solo in a garden or socially distanced with mates in a park.

Let the bold beats take you to a dance break in an ancient red palace, skip on red silk in the Sahara or explode in the sky (cos baby you’re a… ). In the artists’ words; “Red Passion is printed deep in our DNA, it’s been lying dormant but is now ready to rise and it is unstoppable. So, get out there and get moving.”

What you need to know

  • Campari is showcasing their free audio project ‘Red Passion’ exclusively at the Fringe Festival
  • It’s a short experimental audio work that combines electronic beats and classical Chinese melodies
  • It’s available for free and on demand from October 11 – 17

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Commissioned for Campari’s Red Passion campaign exclusively for Melbourne Fringe, this four-minute audio work combines the traditional Chinese melodies of the guzheng (Chinese harp) and pumping, passionate electronic beats to invigorate your senses and inspire creativity.

About the artist – Mindy Meng Wang

Mindy Meng Wang a versatile Chinese/Australian Composer and world leading contemporary Guzheng Performing Artist. She was born and classically trained in China, and studied composition in the UK. She is a pioneer to bring the Guzheng (ancient Chinese harp) into many western genres such as experimental, Jazz, western classical, Electronic, pop and improvisation.

Mindy performs regularly in many events, festivals and top venues including the Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide, OzAsia, Mona Foma, Dark Mofo, TEDx Sydney, AsiaTOPA festivals. During the last 5 years alone she has had over 100 appearances to a combined audience of over 1 Million people. Her collaborators include Regurgitator, Paul Grabowsky and Deborah Cheetham, Australian art Orchestral, Orchestra Victoria, MSO among others.

About the artist – Joel Ma

Joel Ma is an artist, musician and producer who lives in Melbourne, Victoria. Best known for his work as rapper-producer Joelistics, he is also a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter known for his work in alt-rap group TZU as well as in the experimental instrumental group Peril Symphony.

About Campari

Campari has been a source of passionate inspiration since 1860 from its founders’ creative genius, artists in different fields and the world’s best mixologists. With a vibrant red colour and multi-layered, uniquely bitter taste, Campari stimulates your instinct to unlock your passions, inspiring limitless creations. Campari’s Red Passion celebrates expression, creativity in all forms and via any medium – from the art of cocktails, dance, filmmaking, music, fine art or modern art.

Available for free and on demand at