Cate Le Bon announces new album, ‘Pompeii’

Cate Le Bon announces new album, ‘Pompeii’

Photo by H Hawkline
Words by Kate Streader

Pompeii is out on February 4 via Mexican Summer.

Cate Le Bon is set to follow up her critically-acclaimed 2019 LP, Reward, next year with a new record, Pompeii.

The news comes hand-in-hand with the release of a new single, ‘Running Away’, lifted from the forthcoming album.

What you need to know

  • Pompeii is out on February 4 via Mexican Summer
  • Cate Le Bon has revealed the first single lifted from the album, ‘Running Away’
  • The record sees Le Bon playing every instrument except drums and saxophones

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Pompeii was written and recorded in a quagmire of unease. Solo. In a time warp. In a house I had a life in 15 years ago. I grappled with existence, resignation and faith. I felt culpable for the mess but it smacked hard of the collective guilt imposed by religion and original sin,” said Le Bon of the record.

“The subtitle is: You will be forever connected to everything. Which, depending on the time of day, is as comforting as it is terrifying. The sense of finality has always been here. It seems strangely hopeful. Someone is playing with the focus lens.

“The world is on fire but the bins must go out on a Tuesday night. Political dissonance meets beauty regimes. I put a groove behind it for something to hold on to. The grief is in the saxophones,” she said.

Written mostly on bass and composed entirely alone, Pompeii sees Le Bon playing every instrument featured on the records 12 tracks, except drums and saxophones.

Mirroring the isolation in which it was conceived, the album was also largely recorded by Le Bon herself, with the help of long-term collaborator and co-producer Samur Khouja.

Watch the film clip for ‘Running Away’ below. 

Pompeii is out on February 4 via Mexican Summer.