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The Jimi Hendrix Of Our Generation: He Just Wants To Do The Best He Can

Undeniably one of the most innovative and pioneering electronic artists of the past decade, Flying Lotus aka Steven Ellison is one of contemporary music’s most enigmatic beat-makers. Following the release of his third album Cosmogramma, 2010 has see Ellison’s dramatic rise to prominence only furthered. Already synonymous with ground-breaking electronic music following his first two releases; 1983 and Los Angeles, Cosmogramma has proven itself as Ellison’s most defining move yet. A meticulous and intricate production, the density and multi-layering is seamlessly weaved demonstrating Ellison’s growth and development as an artist.

“It’s been a great year with Cosmogramma. This dream that I had, this idea that I had; it’s really touched some people. It’s really moved and inspired some people. It inspired my peers and people that I look up to and that’s a great feeling. Knowing that I created something that I was completely proud of and honest with, it’s really satisfying to know that I was ‘me’ to the fullest and that people really embraced it.”

Dubbed as ‘the Jimi Hendrix of this generation’ by the illustrious Mary Anne Hobbs, Ellison is widely regarded as one of the most inspired and imaginative artists of modern day. With over a decade of his irrefutable production prowess now passing, there is yet to be any setbacks or retreat from Ellison. His music speaks for itself. It’s passionate and unadulterated, underpinned by his unhindered music landscape.

“I just want to be Flying Lotus and do that the best that I can. If you start thinking about all these other things, what people say and what people think about you it really slows the work down. At the end of the day, I just want to be proud of the work that I’ve created and that’s all I’m really concerned about.”

“I try not to think at all and just enjoy being on my machines and making my music. It’s hard to explain. I feel that thinking about my music and getting heavily obsessive is what slows me down, it allows me to create a lot more stuff.”

Underpinning his production prowess, Ellison is revered for his energetic, engaging and vigorous live show. Quite simply one of the happiest performers on stage, the Flying Lotus live show is renowned worldwide by not only his fans, but his peers. Believing that those who have only heard his records may be surprised when seeing him before, Ellison shares the fundamentals of his current day performances.

“I think the records are a little bit more cerebral than the show is. The show is a party and it’s got a lot of high energy. Sometimes the records may seem like that, but I believe that they’re really headphone music.”

Returning to Australia over the New Year period for his third visit, Ellison’s performances have dynamically developed since his last appearance in our shores. An aurally stimulating experience, he promises this tour will carry the same essentials as his previous performances whilst showcasing his development as a performer.

”It’s definitely always changing; it’s never the same show. This time I’m actually bringing along some musicians to play with me. It’s going to be way different from the last time I was in Australia. I’ll be playing a lot of new music that I’ve discovered, sharing some stuff I’m sure you guys haven’t heard and showing Australia a good time. I’ve always had a lot of fun there in the past, it’s a great place and the people really know their music. I’m also touring with The Gaslamp Killer and Hudson Mohawke which will be a lot of fun. It’s just going to be a really, really good party.”

Flying Lotus [US] plays Espionage with Gaslamp Killer [US], Hudson Mohawke [US] and Dam-Funk [US] on Saturday January 8 at Roxanne Parlour. This one is sold out but if you’re quick you can catch him at the encore performance Espionage Part 2 on Sunday January 9.