Emerson Snowe : This Is Baby Blue

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Emerson Snowe : This Is Baby Blue


Emerson Snowe is the moniker of Jarrod Mahon, best known for being one of the founding members of Brisbane hit-makers The Creases.

This Is Baby Blue is one of two EP’s released by Mahon in the same week and much like its companion, strings a narrative of grappling with emotions in an earnest and heartfelt way.

Maple Leaves is a tender number that sees Mahon’s voice accompanied by the gentle strumming of a guitar. While the song is stark in its construction, the emotion behind the lyrics is greatly affecting. Mutual Breakdown is a comparatively more upbeat track with Mahon singing in a surprisingly chipper tone despite his evident heartache. Alison is a lovelorn, airy track that has an almost jazz feel to it due to the chord changes that allow for an interesting new sound to come through. Closing track If I Die, Then I Die is a strikingly raw track and despite the forlorn lyrics has a romantic edge that makes it feel more uplifting than sad.

While the recordings may be unsophisticated this adds to Mahon’s charm and the immediate appeal of each song. This Is Baby Blue is a testament to the effectiveness of a simple musical arrangement and is a reminder of Mahon’s strength as a songwriter.


By Holly Pereira