Electronic this week: Roland Tings premieres his band, Lucianblomkamp launching his album and a ten-hour marathon at The Toff

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Electronic this week: Roland Tings premieres his band, Lucianblomkamp launching his album and a ten-hour marathon at The Toff


This Friday November 3, the Melbourne Museum is hosting a night of music called Nocturnal, featuring the world premiere of Roland Tings’ live show as a three-piece. Tings rebuilt his live show early in 2017 for his Each Moment A Diamond EP tour, incorporating a drummer for the first time – well and truly upping his game. No doubt this next evolution will take his synthesised blissful house music to the next level again. On support duties is András and Annie Bass. Kicks off at 6pm and sorry kids, the museum is 18+ for this event.

A few blocks over, Lucianblomkamp is launching part one of his new three-part album Sick Of What I Don’t Understand at the Gasometer Hotel. The latest single ‘Still No’ sees him branching out from his cinematic electronica, collaborating with UK Grime legend Trim. Supporting him will be up-and-comer Braille Face and Aphir.

On Saturday, get ready for an assault on the senses as the two-day celebration of experimental electronics Obsidian kicks off at The Curtin with Rhode Island producer Container headlining. Container takes dance music and gutter-stomps it with distortion and feedback. It’s really gnarly shit that sits somewhere between techno and industrial…and it’s kind of brilliant. The rest of the lineup is also massive with Kane Ikin, Matthew Brown, Lucy Cliché, Collector, Dog, Regional Curse, 2200. Ela Stiles, Vacuum, Gaud, Harold, Moopie and Jess Sneddon. The second day is at The Tote and features WRX, Rita Revell, Victorine Meurent, Papaphilia, UTI, Seeping, Perfume, Fia Fiell and Lost Few.

In the city, Noise In My Head and Butter Sessions are launching their second record together: Domestic Documents Volume 2 at The Toff In Town. To celebrate participants of both volumes will converge for a ten-hour marathon featuring live performances from Butter Sessions’ Cale Sexton, the classically trained Chiara Kickdrum, immersive experimentalist Mosam Howieson and the room-rattling Kangaroo Skull, bridged by DJ sets from norachi, Ben Keynes, Toni Yotzi and the series’ architects Sleep D and Noise In My Head. Kicks off at 7pm.

On Monday Cup Day eve, the Dial-Up team will be taking you through to having a nice relaxing hungover day-off on the couch binging Stranger Things 2 with their final hurrah at The Sub Club for 2017. Dubbed Inspector Horse, it’ll feature producer duo Ultra Pure doing a live set with residents Tom Baker, Laika and Cleverhands. Kicks off at 10pm.