Metal: new albums from Deadspace and Annihilator, and why you should listen to Scar The Martyr

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Metal: new albums from Deadspace and Annihilator, and why you should listen to Scar The Martyr


Perth’s Deadspace will release their second full-length album, The Liquid Sky, on Wednesday November 15, and they’ve just released the video for the first single, ‘Reflux’. The band will announce live dates soon.

I feel like Joey Jordison’s band Scar The Martyr was criminally overlooked. It didn’t help that the singer left not long after the album came out, but Jordison proved he has plenty more to offer even outside of the legacy of Slipknot and Murderdolls. His new band is Vimic, whose full-length debut Open Your Omen will be released in early 2018 by T-Boy/UMe. It was produced by Jordison and Kato Khandwala (My Chemical Romance, The Pretty Reckless), with mixing and mastering assistance from Megadeth legend (and GRAMMY winner) Dave Mustaine, who also contributes a guitar solo to the lead single ‘Fail Me (My Temple)’. The album came about when Jordison was coming out of treatment for a neurological condition involving inflammation in the spinal cord. Jordison spent three months in the hospital and underwent intensive physical rehabilitation. “The riffs, lyrics, and drums of Open Your Omen will tell you a lot,” Jordison says. “We started this record when I was coming out of the Acute Transverse Myelitis condition. It’s literally what saved me and helped me get back to where I’m healthier than ever. These guys, and this album, pushed me to not only relearn how to walk, but how to play the drums again. Open Your Omen is the rebirth of the rest of my life.”

Ne Obliviscaris have welcomed Melbourne proggers Circles to their national tour, which takes place across February in support of their new album Urn. Circles have two releases – the 2011 EP The Compass and their 2013 album Infinitas, plus 2016 single ‘Sand & Wind’. Catch them at Max Watt’s on Saturday February 10. Tickets are on sale now from

Metal legends Annihilator will release their 16th studio album, For The Demented, on Friday November 3 via Neverland Music/Silver Lining Music. The second single, ‘One To Kill’, is out now. Band leader Jeff Waters says “It was time to sit down and figure out why Annihilator’s early thrash-meets-melodic caught the ears of so many and to try to sweep the fan part of my writing/playing/singing out the door and welcome back the mostly-original Waters writing that was to be the first four Annihilator albums…For The Demented captures some feel from Annihilator’s 1985-87 demos mixed with the first four Annihilator records… I think metal fans are going to hear much of what they have been waiting for from Annihilator.”