Eamonn Conor: ‘It’s like a musical puzzle and when you fit the pieces together just right, you get the magic’

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Eamonn Conor: ‘It’s like a musical puzzle and when you fit the pieces together just right, you get the magic’

eamonn conor
words by kaya martin

Eamonn Conor is bringing a unique flavour of funk that Melbourne's been missing.

For those who have been keeping up with singer-songwriter Eamonn Conor, his latest EP, Last Chance Romance, might have come as a bit of a surprise. The Melbourne-based artist has stepped confidently into the spotlight with a brand-new genre-bending sound.

Shaking off the chrysalis of his teen pop days, Conor has taken inspiration from the greats – Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and the stars of Motown – to come forth with a fusion of upbeat disco and pop that sounds just right with his buttery-smooth voice.

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Released on December 8, Last Chance Romance revolves around themes of “love, joy and the celebration of life”. Filled with groovy basslines, energetic horn chirps and even 80s chime twinkles, the EP is a glorious romp from start to finish. 

Each track tells a different story, but they all share a common thread of positivity and energy. I wanted to create music that makes people feel good and want to hit the dance floor,” says Conor. Recorded during the Covid-19 lockdowns, the project was a “labour of love” for Conor, his producers and his band.

One breakthrough moment was finding the right balance between the different genres. It was about blending them seamlessly to create a sound that felt fresh and exciting,” he says.

I’ve always been drawn to different styles of music, and as an artist, I felt the need to explore and evolve. The energy of RnB, funk, disco, and pop just resonated with me and I wanted to create something that reflected the diversity of my musical influences.”

Borrowing the rhythms of funk, the energy of disco and the infectious melodies of pop (the genre where Conor found his roots), Last Chance Romance is the result of endless musical experimentation and the desire to build something distinctly his own.

It’s like a musical puzzle and when you fit the pieces together just right, you get the magic of Last Chance Romance. I think every song has its own uniqueness with this,” he says.

“They all have big sounds, but for example, Every Day is a ballad where we still used the big band sound but we only used strings and not a horn section, then in Last Chance Romance you had horns but no strings. I just loved to play around with the different instrumentation within each song, but not making every song the same.”

The EP comes after the release of Conor’s second single, If You Were Mine – a non-stop dance anthem that helped him win over fans across the world and was praised by critics, radio stations and fans alike. Showcasing Conor’s dynamic vocal range and loveable energy, the track served as a powerful teaser to the long-anticipated EP.

Last Chance Romance was co-produced by Ninetynine100’s Simon Moro, a collaboration that Conor has called “a dream come true”.

He brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Simon has this incredible ability to understand the essence of a song and elevate it to another level. It was a true collaboration and I learned a lot from him during the process.

“I also felt I could relate with him in a lot of ways away from music. In the studio and on calls we would talk about other things and sometimes I just needed someone to talk to and I saw him as an older brother at times. I admire a lot about him as a person.”

With the EP’s big release in the rearview, Conor is most excited about bringing his new songs to life on stage. “I’m really looking forward to taking these songs on the road. There’s something special about connecting with the audience through live performances and I can’t wait to share the energy of Last Chance Romance with the people.”

He says the title track is one of his favourites to play live: “It really gets the heart racing and people enjoy dancing to it. It also holds a special place to me as my brother contributed a lot to the song’s creative process as well.”

Aside from the upcoming tour – dates and venues to be announced soon – Conor says he’s got a few more surprises up his sleeves for his fans, so don’t blink, because you won’t want to miss what he does next.

Last Chance Romance represents a new chapter for me. It’s a step away from the past, a declaration of my independence as an artist. I wanted to push boundaries and challenge myself creatively, and I believe this EP reflects that growth.”

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