Django Django took us around the world

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Django Django took us around the world

Django Django live
Words by Ewen Stewart

As I arrived at the Corner Hotel on a balmy Friday night I was greeted by a bustling crowd of young indie alternatives and middle aged rockers alike.

Django Django, an art rock band thriving since the 2010s drew a crowd of all sorts. Though the gig was busy, if not sold out, there was a chill vibe in the air, no one pushing to the front, everyone leisurely finding a comfortable spot.

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The four-piece of Django Django came out in matching white outfits, looking almost like nursing home attendants, though the music they then delivered was definitely not for the faint-hearted. It was an hour and a half of atmospheric electricity and non-stop energy.

Whether you’re an avid or fortuitous Django listener, you couldn’t help but move your feet and shake your head. Django puts on a live performance so unique that it sometimes felt like a 3am EDM club, at other times I felt like I could have been listening to lofi pop with headphones on.

They played around and experimented with various instruments, swapping and playing each other’s instruments at different moments in the set. There were multiple moments when they had four part percussion breakdowns, which made the music almost afrobeat.

Cowbell, tambo, güiro, kit, thunder drum, maracas – Tommy (the synth player) even hovered over a theremin for a track, they certainly kept the audience on their toes. Halfway through a track they seamlessly transitioned into a remix of Around The World by Daft Punk and for 10 minutes, Django Django became a live DJ set with nothing but bodies moving on the dancefloor.

To sum up Django Django at the Corner in two words? Dance party.