Delsinki celebrates the best of Melbourne live music in ‘Navigating the Night’

Delsinki celebrates the best of Melbourne live music in ‘Navigating the Night’


The Melbourne music scene has faced a tough slog over the last couple of years, venues have stayed dark, artists have had to cancel tours, and audiences haven’t been able to see their favourites in quite a long time.

But things are on the up, and the latest track from Melbourne music mainstay Delsinki celebrates live music getting back into the state, and it’s bound to get you excited for what’s to come.

This feels like a great kick off to things being back to normal, Delsinki shining a light on some of Melbourne’s most amazing venues that are dedicated to great beer, great music, and great service. The song was brought together during one of the hardest moments for the live music scene in 2020, when things weren’t looking good for musicians and venues alike.

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“I wrote (‘Navigating the Night’) at the end of 2020; the song is an ode to some of the bars and some of the people I know,” he says. “I know Bernie who owns POME and Liam who owns Freddie Wimpoles, and of course everyone knows James Young.

“All of these people and venues were digging in and were trying to do the best they could in the shitshow that was.”

The music video is almost as memorable as the track itself, Delsinki heading to each of the venues he namechecks. To name a few, these are venues like POME, Freddie Wimpoles, Cherry Bar, The Palace, Future Mountain Brewery, and lots more that you can check out in the video below.

On top of seeing some iconic venues, there’s also some massive cameos in the video, You Am I frontman Tim Rogers and iconic Triple R presenter Jon von Goes.

“When I had the song in semi-shape, I flicked it to all of the venues, and they were into it. They were all very obliging in letting us use their spaces,” he continues.

“We did their cameos in Archies Creek, You Am I played their show in Archie’s recently, and Jon von Goes is from there, so a mate and I went down there to see the show, and Tim was like ‘Yeah! I’ll be the bartender’, and I asked Jon von Goes if he could suit up and he was like, ‘No dramas’, it was a good bit of fun.”

The Tim Rogers and Delsinki relationship goes back a number of years – most recently, Tim performing with him during the popular Keep the Circle Unbroken series.

The Keep the Circle Unbroken is still playing at the Port Fairy Folk Festival, Memo & Wangaratta PAC in March, but a similar series also curated by Delsinki is the upcoming Sing a Song of Sixpence tour, with Delsinki, along with a number of talented musicians, bringing live music back to regional towns.

Bringing live music to those who often are left without is an important element of the tour, Delsinki notes.

“From the tour we did with Keep the Circle Unbroken, there was a lot of spots that said ‘this is really great,” he says. “There were six or seven of the same spots that were keen on getting something on again. It’s all so collaborative, which is what I enjoy most.”

You can also catch Delsinki in an upcoming tribute to Leonard Cohen at the Palais Theatre. Preorder Delsinki’s upcoming album City/Country on vinyl here, and check out ‘Navigating The Night’ below.