Core – May 9, 2012

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Core – May 9, 2012


OK. No more. Enough. If you are in a band that consists of talented people, eager to pump their time and efforts into a fruitful, successful existence, then find a good vocalist. Not your mate who’s like, funny ‘n’shit and screams real loud, and not your bassist ‘cause, like, no one else wanted to do the singing.

I’m over listening to new music that boasts solid potential, and possesses all the qualities of a great band, only to hear their vocals kick in and crap all over the party. I understand that the genre lends itself to minimal talent – that was the basis of its appeal when it all began – and I think to that end hardcore should be excluded, but when it comes to singing, you need to train your voice. At the very least, aim to make it into a compliant instrument and give it some edge.

There are so many average vocalists in punk rock at the moment, slightly tone deaf and with limited range, pushing their band into very tidy pigeonholes with a billion of their peers. People wouldn’t endure average drummer who keeps bad time, so why do they tolerate vocalists who are just as incompetent with their voices? The vocalist is FRONTing your band, they are the centerpiece of your ensemble. Don’t tolerate mediocrity! End rant.

Parkway Drive (pictured_ have announced invite-only cinema screenings of their new DVD Home Is For The Heartless that will take place all over Australia. To win tickets to your local screening just pre-order the DVD before its release on July 6.

Loud Fest will return for the third time this June, this time featuring House Vs Hurricane, Dream On Dreamer, Hand Of Mercy, Sienna Skies, Shinto Katana and Feed Her To The Sharks. The Melbourne show will take place at Collingwood Town Hall on Saturday June 9. Tickets are on sale now.

Say Anything will head to Australia on their first ever headlining tour this year. The Say Anarchy Australian Tour will roll into Melbourne on Friday July 13 at Billboards and national supports will be provided by The Getaway Plan.

The Bride are hitting the road again in support of their debut album President Rd. They’re bringing mates Wish For Wings and Trainwreck with on their extensive trips around the country. Victoria scores shows at Bendigo’s Musicman Megastore on Tuesday July 10, The Nash in Geelong on Wednesday July 11, Karova in Ballarat on Thursday July 12 and Pheonix Youth Center on Friday July 13. Grab tickets at the door.

Tour cancellations are in vogue at the moment, or more specifically, last minute tour cancellations. Devildriver cancelled their entire Aussie tour last minute last week when he revealed the band would cancel their first ever tour due to sickness. Dez Fafra came down with pneumonia and was advise by his doctor that is ‘unsafe’ to travel to Australia.

Legendary NYC ska dudes The Toasters will bring their 30th anniversary tour to Australia this September. Inject some ska goodness into your spring this September when The Toasters and The Resignators hit Daylesford’s Palais (Friday September 14), and then Ska Nation Festival at The Espy on Saturday September 15.

 The Menzingers have added their name to the growing list of bands who have been robbed on tour. The band were robbed of everything besides their gear in Manchester UK to the sound of $10,000. They’re encouraging fans to buy some merch to help them out. Sounds like a good excuse to me.

Gallows will release their new album via their own label this year and took a swing at the music industry in their official announcement. “For the last seven years we have trudged step by step through the dark sewers of music industry. Shaking hands with snakes and signing contracts drafted by thieves with perfect teeth. We are happy to announce that we have become part of the problem. All hail Venn Records”.