Core – May 2, 2012

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Core – May 2, 2012


Mere weeks ago I had a rant – as I am often inclined to do – about how young promoters need to be supported and anyone that wishes to tour excellent bands in Australia should be welcomed with open arms instead of criticised for their chutzpah. I am saddened to say I’m tempted to retract this stance following the cancellation of the Murder By Death tour this month. The entire tour was suss biscuits from the beginning and I’m utterly heartbroken to the see the entire thing implode in a sorry and unspectacular fashion. The band revealed on their website last week that the promoter had cancelled the tour after an “investor” went “walkabout” although no further explanation was offered about how a lynchpin of an entire operation manages to disappear, effectively abolishing the entire tour. The band were even more disappointed to reveal that no flights or visas had been arranged for the tour. “This fucking blows”, they heaved, and I echo those sentiments. It feels a little as though some of these promoters should perhaps realign their career trajectory, before more businesses, bands and punters are left in the lurch. As it remains to be seen when or how the tickets will be refunded, how are we to have faith in small promoters and buy tickets with confidence when we stand to have a tour swept out from under us? As my mum used to say: I’m not angry…I’m just disappointed.

The Exploited added their name to the list of bands dishing out a cancellation on the very week their tour was scheduled to begin. Apparently their bass player had a family emergency. The band apologised to fans and promoter alike and said they were “totally gutted” to cancel. There are plans in place to reschedule for the later half of the year.

Miami band Thick As Blood (pictured) will tour Australia this June with Newcastle band Taken By Force. They’re gunning down the east coast for a pretty thorough run of dates including Mechanics Institute in Ballarat on Friday June 15, Bang on Saturday June 16 and Phoenix Youth Center on Sunday June 17. Thick As Blood hit the studio recently to record their newie for Rise Records. Tickets are available tomorrow.

Death metal legends Cannibal Corpse will return to Australia after a three-year absence this October. They released their new album Torture last month and they’ll be giving it a mighty plugging when they hit Billboards on October 5. Tickets are available now.

Sydney band Resist The Thought will give their new album Sovereignty the full treatment when they tour extensively in support of it this May. The lads will hit the road with Hallower this month, arriving at Bendigo’s Musicman Megastore on Tuesday May 29, then heading to Ballarat’s Karova Lounge on Thursday May 31. The album hits shelves courtesy of Skull & Bones/Shock Records on Friday May 18.

Charitable cause alert! The Bendigo will host an acoustic afternoon this Saturday May 5. The $5 entry will go towards canned/basic food to be donated to The Salvation Army food bank, which will then be distributed throughout relief centers in Melbourne. Dan Bonnici, Guy Treadwell, Luke Smith and Luke Thomas are all lending their time and skillz.