Cooper Lower : Mysteries of Midnight

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Cooper Lower : Mysteries of Midnight


What can one guy do with nothing but an acoustic guitar, a stomp pedal and some reverb? A lot, apparently. He can make an EP – and a bloody good one to boot.

Mysteries of Midnight is a five-track release that manages to not only provide a great listening experience, but does so with an incredulous amount of ease. From the titular starting track to the chilled energy of closer ‘The Poison Queen’, Lower proves that less is indeed more with the resources he used. The guitar work throughout is nuanced and shows genuine talent, with folksy vocals providing both a beautiful match to the music and a unique spin on the release as a whole. Add this to the fact that all of these elements manage to grab and hold your attention for the entire run time of the EP itself, and you’re onto something quite special.

There are two qualities of the EP that never waver; finesse and simplicity. No matter where you hear this, be it on a shuffled playlist, a dedicated listen or if you’re lucky enough, live and right in front of you, I genuinely hope you find yourself enjoying it as much as I did.