Conor Maynard : Can’t Say No

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Conor Maynard : Can’t Say No



I am interested in all the wrong things. I didn’t know what Nicola Roxon looked like until last week as I had confused her with former Victoria Police commissioner Christine Nixon (guess why). I read The Monthly and watch Insiders like a diligent little leftist, but I can’t make the finer details of the Australian political spectrum stick in my head. I just can’t. Wave a pubescent contender to Justin Bieber’s crown under my nose, on the other hand, and I’m like a bloodhound. What’s that? Teenage girls care about something? Fascinating! Tell me more. Having done my requisite two minutes worth of Googling, I can tell you Conor Maynard’s nascent career began on Youtube, where the spotty Brighton boy has busied himself posting R&B covers and amassing fans, prior to getting signed by EMI and releasing this debut single. There’s something a whiffy about this internet phenomenon, however. Conor might be standing in his bedroom, but balls if those ‘homespun’ clips aren’t professionally recorded and mixed. I smell crafty marketing. On an unrelated note, it’s really gross when children sing about making love.