Chuck Ragan : Covering Ground

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Chuck Ragan : Covering Ground


Ragan’s powerful, lion-like vocals roar over the guitars, harmonicas, fiddles, and upright bass to astounding effect throughout. Opening track Nothing Left to Prove lives up to its name and sets a thunderous tone that the rest of the record pursues feverishly. Nomad by Fate and Get What You Give both utilise the finesse of band mate Jon Gaunt’s fiddle to punctuate free-flowing verses and rousing refrains.

As the album presses on, it becomes clear that Ragan’s song writing is in the form of its life. Good ole’ fashioned Americana is expertly paired with an inimitable punk delivery on Wish on the Moon and sees the song move like an 18-wheeler in the fast lane.

Ragan even nails slower numbers such as Come Around and ensures the listener is kept riveted while he bares his soul. The pace is kicked up again on penultimate track Meet You in the Middle, which sees Ragan trade off verses with the Gaslight Anthem’s frontman Brian Fallon in flawless style.


Best track: Wish on the Moon

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In a word: Moving