Cheap Date deliver joyful melancholy with their impressive debut single, ‘Beside Me’

Cheap Date deliver joyful melancholy with their impressive debut single, ‘Beside Me’

Words by Matt Parnell

The emerging Brisbane band have just delivered their fantastic debut single.

Brisbane band Cheap Date’s debut single, ‘Beside Me’, is indicative of how a song’s escalation can be powerful and arresting. A gentle folk-driven track for the first minute or so, ‘Beside Me’ springs to life after its first third – from there, it transforms into an infectious indie rock jam. The arrival of the drums isn’t anticipated, yet it catches the listener off guard in the best way possible.

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The narrative of ‘Beside Me’ explores a high school heartbreak where a boy is up to no good, seeing someone while still in another relationship. The single artwork embodies this theme, where a girl has her arm around a boy with his fingers crossed. This concept is not just visual, it’s lyrical too. On ‘Beside Me’, everything is in theme, which speaks to a polish you mightn’t expect from a band of not-quite-20-year-olds.

More than anything else, it’s about balance. There’s balance represented in the lyrics, with ideas showcasing how different the girl and boy in question are, but also in the music.

The song’s lyrics are melancholic but the tone is joyful, kind of like The Beths. There’s five people but it never feels overwhelmingly like that’s the case, giving all of their members appropriate space. The song covers a lot of ground in its four minutes, so for this to be Cheap Date’s first single is momentous.

Check out ‘Beside Me’ below.

‘Beside Me’ is out now. For more on Cheap Date, head to their Facebook and Instagram page.