Broken Waves release the most summery break-up tune imaginable: ‘Sunburn’

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Broken Waves release the most summery break-up tune imaginable: ‘Sunburn’

Broken Waves

Adelaide indie-rock afficionados Broken Waves are back with the perfect catchya-later breakup tune for those faded summer romances: 'Sunburn'

The lads have certainly been busy during the pandemic, releasing their debut EP Turning Point last year followed by the recent single ‘Come Alive’.

‘Sunburn’ is the sister-single, what the band describe as a “heart-break fuelled Summer anthem for everyone to enjoy,” in their words, “life’s a beach so just enjoy the waves!”

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They’re very much an indie band, not surf-rock, but the track has appropriately uplifting vibes for such a summer-centric outlook, layering guitars and keys with sweet indie riffs and jangling melodies as Ben Lyons-Reid’s surprisingly baritone vocals provide the hook that keeps you on your toes.

The lyrics tackle coming to terms with a breakup the mark, the opening line “Sunlit rivers running dry / and you’ll never get a reason why” set the tone.

The band say it’s about “the mark that you leave on each other and the process of learning how to move on while still taking something away from the experience; realising that it wasn’t anyone’s fault and that you did your best.”

They’ve been active in the mental health space both in their work and in the community, running merchandise with 100% of the proceeds going to The Black Dog Institute.

In addition to Ben, Broken Waves consist of Will Physentzou on lead guitar, Declan Oetjen on rhythm guitar, Heath Oetjen on the drums and Matt Evans on keys.

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