Bona fide soul queen SHANN.N premieres video for debut solo single Love Dressed Down

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Bona fide soul queen SHANN.N premieres video for debut solo single Love Dressed Down

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Fulton Street frontwoman Shannen Wick unveils cinematic music video for her debut solo single 'Love Dressed Down'.

In the vibrant world of Melbourne’s music scene, SHANN.N, the moniker of iconic soul queen Shannen Wick – the dynamic frontwoman of Fulton Street, takes a bold leap into the spotlight with her debut solo release, ‘Love Dressed Down’.

A soulful anthem penned in collaboration with producer/musician PattyBoomba, this emotionally charged single unveils the raw and poignant narrative of the slow unraveling of a long-term relationship.

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Known for her commanding vocals and adept songwriting skills, Shannen Wick’s ‘Love Dressed Down’ is a departure from the signature big soul sound of Fulton Street, offering a more intimate and personal exploration of love and heartbreak. The track, released on January 5, 2024, is set to captivate audiences with its authenticity and emotional intensity, marking a distinctive moment in Shannen’s illustrious music career.

Co-written with PattyBoomba, the track navigates the delicate process of heartbreak with Shannen’s characteristic candour and stunning vocal prowess. The track sees Shannen at her most vulnerable, delving into her personal experiences, with each verse painting a vivid picture of the emotional toll of a failing relationship. The song captures moments of being left alone and stood up on Valentine’s Day, weaving a relatable narrative that tugs at the heartstrings.

“Prior to Love Dressed Down, I’d attempted some originals he [PattyBoomba] sent my way and his feedback was to prioritise the narrative. He encouraged journaling experiences and observations, to consider the tenses in lyric writing and for the most part, we talked about songs that could be made from the heart. I’m not usually an open book, but Patty’s studio was a safe space where I could discuss everything without fear.”

PattyBoomba and Shannen – long-time friends – embarked on the project with Shannen’s desire to convey the decline of her long-term relationship, evident in the aforementioned lyrics.

“Patty and I have been friends for a long time. When we decided to collaborate, he began by asking me what I wanted to convey in my first song. I knew I wanted to write about the decline of my long-term relationship,” Shannen explains. “One day, as we sat outside, Patty started freestyling on his guitar. He asked me to improvise; the words and melody of the first verse came to me quickly, so we rushed back inside to the studio to record the beginnings of a demo.”

Now in a dazzling exploration of the complexities of love and heartache, Shannen unveils a mesmerising music video for her breakthrough single.

Directed by Michael Irwin and shot in Melbourne, the video mirrors the song’s emotional narrative, exploring the unraveling of a long-term relationship. Shot from Shannen’s perspective, the video cleverly rewinds through time, showcasing intimate moments contrasted with scenes of conflict. The atmospheric use of symbolism and creative effects creates a deeply relatable portrait of love’s complexities.

As Shannen’s powerful vocals and the video reach a climax, viewers are left on the edge, contemplating the poignant finale.

With nods to the likes of Lianne La Havas, Corinne Bailey Rae and Jessie Ware, ‘Love Dressed Down’ differs from Fulton Street’s big soul sound, with Shannen bringing a fresh perspective to her solo work. The single not only showcases her storytelling prowess but also highlights her versatility as an artist, signaling a departure from the grandeur of big band sounds that defined her earlier recordings.

“Fans of Fulton Street know our band is hugely inspired by the soul revivalist movement from labels such as Daptone and Colemine Records. A majority of our works are recorded to tape in one take, and feature brass and string sections. In these projects, there are many members to organise for rehearsals, recordings, live gigs and touring,” she explains.

“With ‘Love Dressed Down’, it was just Patty and myself, which was a change. Patty arranged, played, recorded, mixed and mastered the track. I’ve always written my own lyrics and melodies, but this was the first time I recorded my own vocals on a release. Melbourne was stuck in endless lockdowns during the time, so Patty guided me on how to record myself with reference videos, as well as through a few phone calls and texts…”

Despite being recorded during Melbourne’s lockdowns, the collaboration between the two led to the creation of a beautiful, richly layered and soulful R&B track, reminiscent of the great divas of our time. It’s clear that Shannen’s musical influences really shine throughout the track, with inspiration drawn from the live mixing sessions of Beyoncé by engineer DJ Swivel.

The result is a richly textured ballad that, in addition to the Beyoncé touch, carries unique elements crafted by Shannen and PattyBoomba.


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As an iconic soul queen with Fulton Street, Shannen Wick faces the challenges and rewards of transitioning into a solo artist. Juggling multiple roles, including being a full-time primary school teacher, a session musician and manager of Stoic Records and Fulton Street, Shannen now steps into her solo career as SHANN.N with grace and determination to explore the kind of artist she wants to become.

“For a long time, I think I was worried about releasing a sound so different from Fulton Street. It’s easy to blend in with a 5–11-piece band. As a solo artist, there’s nowhere to hide. However, I’ve become a little braver in recent times. My thought process is: if I don’t do this for myself now, then I’ll never do it. After all, there’s only one of us in the world. Let’s get it.”

‘Love Dressed Down’ is more than just a song and more than just a music video; it’s an atmospheric and artful portrayal of the poignant end of an intimate relationship. Shannen Wick’s debut single and its accompanying video not only showcase her remarkable talent but mark a confident leap into the next phase of her music career.

‘Love Dressed Down’ is a must-listen and watch, offering a compelling glimpse into the soulful journey of Shannen Wick.

Listen to ‘Love Dressed Down’ here, watch the video here, or purchase the track on Bandcamp here

This article was made in partnership with Shannen Wick