Bigger Than Jesus’ ‘One For The Road’ is bedecked with character

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Bigger Than Jesus’ ‘One For The Road’ is bedecked with character


Character. An important trait in any bands arsenal. For a band with the name Bigger than Jesus, they’ve certainly produced an EP ticks that criteria. The EP begins with its title track, greeting listeners with killer riffs. With its carefree lyrics, the band builds on them with the vocals rising from the near-spoken to the distorted, and screams that can only satisfy.

At the centre of its sandwich, the band gives only the most succulent of meat, with the infectiously heavy ‘Just for Life’ and the Motorhead-esque ‘Wicked Love’.

However, the band moves beyond the straight-up hard rock vibe with tracks like ‘Laughing’ and  in particular ‘Night Call’.  They take on a more atmospheric and fleshed-out approach to these songs, making the EP’s mark more complex than anticipated.

The musicianship is a highlight on this EP; it ranges from true grit to warm fluidity. The guitar work deserves a particular mention where one word comes to mind: blissful. The vocals are diverse as well, maybe too much so for some listeners, but it only proves Steve Lucas’ willingness to push boundaries. A definite showcase, One for the Road has something for everyone. Most importantly, character.




By Rhys McKenzie