Better Than The Wizards : Better Than The Wizards

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Better Than The Wizards : Better Than The Wizards


In the market for some basic upbeat pop music with elements of soul? The self-titled debut album from Better Than The Wizards is here to satisfy that need. From opener She Said to final track Play With Fire, you get that 100 per cent generic upbeat pop sound with those exotic elements of soul.


Now, there’s nothing wrong with upbeat music that’s enjoyable to listen to, no matter whose name is on the cover. The thing is, you’ve heard it all before. And yes, this album does have a bit more fire to it than you may be used to, with that pop-in-your-step bassline or the horn sections blasting a false impression of originality into your head. But you’re not hearing anything new. Even the opening lyrics of Up All Night tell you as much: “This story has been told a thousand times before / But I’m just making sure you heard it right”.


And that’s what this album is. It’s a drink with a little umbrella in it and you’re led to believe you’re drinking something exotic. But take the umbrella out and you’ll realise you’ve just got tequila and orange juice. That said, what’s wrong with tequila and orange juice?