Beats by Beat: Fluxx go deep with a textural set exploring the darker side of the club scene

Beats by Beat: Fluxx go deep with a textural set exploring the darker side of the club scene

Photo by Louis Oliver Roach
By Sam Howard

Welcome to Beats by Beat, our mix series for electronic music lovers. Head here if you missed the previous Beats by Beat mix and exclusive premiere by lover of the Italo Disco, GREETINGS.

Fluxx have done anything but sit comfortably this year, or dwell on the fact that their newly-born club night was decimated at the beginning of 2020.

The Naarm/Melbourne-based power trio featuring three beautiful curators and DJs, Ruby (RBI), Jac (House Mum) and Elle (Yollks), created their collective and club night with a strong and purposeful vision – to champion emerging DJs and producers who identify as people of colour, gender non-conforming, queer or femme.

The club night gave marginalized artists a platform to share their work, but when that option was taken away this year, the trio decided to put their dancing hats together to find a new avenue to showcase emerging talent.

Fluxx worked their music butts off to coordinate some of the best artists to share either existing productions or produce their very first tracks, all curated together in Fluxx’s first compilation series – which we hope is one of many.

Ruby, Jac and Elle have a varied taste between the three of them, but always manage to find a happy medium that flows when doing mixes or gigs.

From IDM, electro, bass, breakbeat, UK garage, DnB and what Jac likes to call “horny techno,” every set created by the crew is always high-energy.

Check out this special mix Fluxx have put together for Beat Magazine and stay tuned until the end of the mix for an interview to find out more about the compilation and what’s in store for the team.


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