Atlas Tone

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Atlas Tone


“Joel Chester, Josh Zarco, Mark Zito; band’s name is Atlas Tone.”

What are your names? And the name of your band…

"Joel Chester, Josh Zarco, Mark Zito; band’s name is Atlas Tone."

And what do you do in the band?

"Joel sings, Josh on guitar, Mark on bass."

Who else have you and your band closely worked with?

"No one as of yet; I mean, we’ve supported other bands. We’re fairly new on the scene; would love to work with Stevie Wonder! Dare to dream?"

When did you form the band or did it just stumble upon you?

"April 2010; Mark has just jumped on board."

What was the driving force behind the idea?

"Josh. He’d been encouraging me to sing and do some duo stuff for a while so bit the bullet and here we are launching our first EP Planets this Friday."

Were did the name come from?

"It came from a book called Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. It was on Josh’s bookshelf and we obviously made the necessary tweaks to suit and it stuck!"

Do you think that you have achieved what you set out to do?

"We’re still working it out because things keep popping up; we’ve achieved some things, playing Hot Barbeque was great but there are always bigger fish to fry. We set out to play our brand of music and have fun doing it."

If you weren’t playing music you would be?

"Aspiring to be a guard at Buckingham Palace! They’re heccas!"

What makes you happiest about what you’re doing?

"Have you seen Josh’s face when he plays guitar? That about sums it up!"

How do you all find time to work with so many musicians?

"That opportunity hasn’t really come up, we’re just focusing on ourselves and the EP launch this Friday, but if Stevie calls we’ll definitely let you know!"

When are you doing your thing next?

"This Friday at Revolver from 8pm with Dead Actors Club and The Corsairs. Bring your mums!"