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Rob and I are brothers, Dan and Chris are brothers, but collectively we’ve known each other around 15 years.

How long have you know each other?

Andy: "Rob and I are brothers, Dan and Chris are brothers, but collectively we’ve known each other around 15 years. It wasn’t until seeking like-minded musicians (which can be the hardest thing to find) that we all started to see each other on a more regular basis."

How did you meet?

Dan: "Andy and I met at high school and after a couple of years, through a love of similar taste in music, we began to jam together. Eventually we both started hanging out with my brother Chris on a more social basis, and I guess one thing just led to another. Rob came into the equation in the midst of seeking a bassist."

When did you form the band?

Dan: "Andy and I were trying to get a band going for years, but never managed to find the right people. We both began to live our own lives, and pursuing a band began to become a distant thought. Eventually Chris and Andy started to jam on a number of songs that Andy had been writing over a time span of a couple years. After awhile, Andy approached me and asked if I would consider joining. Of course it was something I wanted do…"

What genre of music do you consider your band to be?

Andy: "Rock/alternative/pop/grunge: Like most bands aspiring to create music that’s original, we feel ours is somewhat a hybrid of genres. We believe we all have an eclectic taste in music, and try not to be closed off towards any style, and we hope that’s displayed within our songs!"

How has your music evolved since you first began playing together?

Robbie: "The songwriting has evolved with us as musicians. As we become more comfortable with ourselves and in our ability, it reflects itself in the music we write and play. I’m often impressed with some of the drum fills Chris comes up with or the licks Andy pulls out. And these often find themselves in many of the new songs."

Do you have any upcoming shows?

Chris: "We have advanced to the semi final of The Espy Artist Showdown. This should take place sometime in May. Before that we have a show at the Revolver on Saturday February 19 as well as one at the Bendigo Hotel on March 26."

Where have you performed?

Robbie: "All around the CDB. A few times at The Espy Gershwin room, Blue Tile Lounge, The Cornish Arms and Brunswick Hotel to name a few."

Do you have a website with sample songs or CDs and how can fans access your music?

Chris: "Our Myspace is the best place for this; It has our demos as well as upcoming shows. We are currently working on our EP which should be completed in the next few months. The best place of course is to come and see us live."

What is the ultimate direction for the band?

Andy: "Ideally we want to be gigging regularly and get some radio play. We love playing our music and anything that allows us to continue doing so to a larger and larger audience can only be a good thing."