A viral meme has pushed Fleetwood Mac into the Top 20 again

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A viral meme has pushed Fleetwood Mac into the Top 20 again


Over in the US, a Fleetwood Mac meme featuring the 1977 hit ‘Dreams’ has gone viral on Twitter, pushing the decades-old song into the Billboard Top 20 again, seeing over 1.9 million streams recorded for the classic track. Ah, the internet. It’s like they don’t even know who Fleetwood Mac are.

The meme was created by mashing together a video of a US dance troupe, overlaying the track and suggesting that, although people find it hard to dance to, it is in fact a banger. Observe:

According to Billboard, there is no other logical reason why Fleetwood Mac would have hit the Top 20 rock charts with this particular track in the last few weeks, leaving the meme as the final conclusion for its popularity. Why the power of the internet to drive purchase confuses Billboard, I’m not sure – unless the writer is over 35 and pronounces GIF as JIF. I mean, we’re all headed to Bendigo this week, right?

The original video actually included a marching band playing Eternal’s 1993 hit ‘Stay’ on horns, which quite frankly, is more confusing.

Damn. Now I can’t get ‘Dreams’ out of my head. Better go and stream it on Spotify.