Yungblud : Yungblud – EP

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Yungblud : Yungblud – EP


His first single, ‘I Love You, Will You Marry Me’ is the kind of thing even the hippest of hipsters can tolerate and drunk teens can belt at the top of their lungs during house parties. It’s catchy as hell.

His long-awaited EP is much of the same; like Jamie T or Arctic Monkeys, it’s gritty Brit-pop done well. Opener ‘King Charles’ is alternative Ed Sheeran sort of stuff and while it might be a bit too commercial for some, he’s a talented lyricist, and pretty quick on the delivery too.

‘I Love You, Will You Marry Me’ has been overplayed but is still the best track on the EP, while ‘Tin Pan Boy’ is a close second. It’s got a good punk-rock riff behind it, although some of the vocal-manipulation is a bit much. ‘Polygraph Eyes’ is slow but surprisingly bold and ‘Anarchist’ takes a little while to get going but pays off with the string section towards the end.

At only five tracks long, it’s short and sharp but does exactly what an EP should – which is to make you excited for whatever the artist is working on next.