First Aid Kit : Ruins

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First Aid Kit : Ruins


Swells of pedal steel accompany the pair’s distinctive vocal harmonies on opener ‘Rebel Heart’, which builds into an instrumental climax that holds a very cinematic shimmer to it in the coda.

Ruins is an evolution in the duos’ songwriting, with grander production in instrumentation and arrangement coming from working alongside Tucker Martine (The Decemberists). The band effortlessly transition between genres, from country with rollicking honky-tonk piano on ‘Postcard’, to soft rock in ‘Hem of Her Dress’ and emotive folk in ‘Fireworks’ through the soft reverb-y electric guitar lines.

Developed in the face of hard personal times, First Aid Kit have created a record that glimmers from start to finish. It probably won’t win everybody over but if you’re in the mood to crack a smile and have your heart swooned, be sure to check this out. You’d be mad to miss FAK live – the delectable vocal harmonies between Klara and Johanna is worth the price of admission alone. Impressive stuff.