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Write News For Beat.com.au


Are you web savvy, a smart writer and all over current music and arts in Melbourne? Apply within.

Beat online is looking for a team of web volunteers to help source and create vibrant news content.

We’re looking for very web-savvy and confident writers who want to turn boring information into glittering, entertaining content.

We’re serious about being web-savvy, too. We’re looking for experienced bloggers, web writers, and internet users. We’re looking for people who know what a CMS is and who know what HTML tags are and who know how to resize and manipulate images, source links and related information and research.

You’ll also have to be all over Melbourne’s music and arts scene. We want some seriously thorough local knowledge and passion for what’s going on.

Although we can’t pay you in riches, we can offer some serious perks in terms of shows, albums, etc. You’ll also have your name all over the internet.

We’re looking for writers who are also confident enough to produce web-exclusive features and who want to work towards editorial roles.

If you’re capable and sure of it, email some proof of that to amelia [at]beat.com.au – samples of your web writing, your resume and a short cover letter.