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Does playing in a band with family members make it easier or harder to spend time on the road?

When we were all living together it got very tense at times, but now that we all live separately going on tour is mostly really good, it gives us a chance to catch up and hang out together. We argue and bicker from time to time but for the most part going on tour with family is really fun.


How does your songwriting process differ from now to when you first started?

It’s expanded, when we first were writing the only things we used were guitars, pianos, drums, all the basics. Adding in all the synths has really helped to expand how we write. We also have expanded our writing to be beyond our own experiences.


How have your experiences overseas and in Africa impacted your musical outlook? 

It’s expanded our writing as well as performance, value of life. I don’t think you can be a writer/performer or a creative person in general and not want to travel. As a creative mind we are always consciously or subconsciously looking for new experiences which then turns into inspiration which then leads into creation. 


What do you think about when trying to put together a live show?

First and foremost the songs. We like to get them as tight as possible, we also tend to push past our boundaries of what we can actually play when we go into the studio, so translating that to stage is difficult but a lot of fun. When we put a setlist together the one thing we always say and aim for is to take the audience on a journey. Make it more than just a gig but a story telling experience.


What’s been your proudest musical moment?

Having our music get into the Aria charts a few years back was mind blowing. But the event that comes most to mind is we were playing our headline show in Melbourne a year ago, and we sang a song of ours called Fortress. It has a message of being a beacon of hope to people going through depression. Right at the end of the song we sung the chorus together, this might sound spiritual or whatever but when we were singing it with the crowd it genuinely felt like some weights of people’s worries and doubts were being lifted, that we were collectively helping eachother through our struggles. It really was a special moment.