Whitehart Bar has got you covered this July with sets of solid gold

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Whitehart Bar has got you covered this July with sets of solid gold

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Welcome to a bar called Whitehart, a place sure to turn any heart of stone to solid gold.

The Whitehart Bar has long been a creature of myth and legend, thought to be the harbinger of the end times, a creature not to be trifled with. Melbourne’s own is far less morbid, instead taking on the form of one of the hippest sockhops this side of the Yarra, with a little bit of everything on offer for just about anyone with some sense and some cash.

Need somewhere to unwind, maybe have a drink or two before heading home? Or maybe you need to get all those sillies out after a stressful week and indulge in the proverbial boogie.

Best of all, the folks behind the scenes have selected quite the array of maestros behind the decks, spinning the classics, the throwbacks, and some of the freshest beats to ever grace a dancefloor.

So pull on a jumper (or three), get some mates together and make your way down to Whitehart, an escape from the hustle and bustle of the urban sprawl. And the best part is, there’s only one thing you have to do: enjoy yourselves.

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  •  Tuesday, July 2

Hailing from Tokyo, Genki Tanaka now calls Melbourne home, and boy are we happy to have him. Right from the get-go, as he places his headphones atop his head and his fingers touch the decks, his feet lift off the ground. Miraculously,  so do those of every single soul on the dancefloor.  You won’t know what hit you, and you’ll start wondering about why you didn’t find out sooner. Spinning a mix of disco, old-school house, and Japanese city-pop bangers, you’re in for quite the listening experience, with a huge grin always on his face to top it all off.  This guy’s the real deal.

Walla C


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  • Wednesday Residency

This Brazillian with the billions will make himself at home at Whitehart every Wednesday of the month, spinning some of the best baile funk beats that are sure to inject a bit of light into even the gloomiest of hump days.  Shake off those blues so you can spend more time shaking what your mama gave you, it’s only right that you do.

Inner Sanctuary

  • Thursdays
  • DJ JNETT and Jimmy James

Hosted once again by GOATs of the scene DJ JNETT and Jimmy James, prepare to get lost in the metaphysical sauce. Let the groove take control and feel the rhythm flow through you. Fulfil those fantasies of being that “certified raver” you’ve always hoped and dreamed to be. Trust me, you’re gonna thank me later.

Mike Gurrieri

The Magical, Mythical host of PBS’ Mystic Mike Gurrieri will be taking over Whitehart every Friday this July, assuming the role of head selector and ringmaster from 4pm to 7pm. Coincidentally, this is during happy hour (let’s face it, it probably isn’t a coincidence), and Mike is no stranger to holding down the fort while we make the most of what little time is given to us.

Kgomotso and Peter

  • Friday, July 5

Some of the slickest in the business, Kgomotso and Peter will take their slicing and dicing behind the decks, chopping and spinning one of the finest selections of acid house this city has ever seen. Hailing all the way from South Africa, these are a couple of disk jockeys you won’t want to miss.

House Inspection

  • Saturday, July 6

A night of dreamy, comfy, and sweet house music performed by Sam Howard, Savage The Girl, DJ Gidi & Andrew Scholtz. The heat from these beats is just what you’ll need to make it through these winter nights.


  • Sunday, July 7

An enigma wrapped in mystery, who knows what will go down as Jonra takes to the decks, with beats that move like water, my friend.


Saganaki Posse w/ Paz and Friends

  • Tuesday, July 9

Saganaki Posse is Paz’s divine tribute to all things electronica and house, bringing a tropical flavour that’s sure to be a relief given the state of the weather (anything below 10 degrees is just downright cruel). An experience that’s sure to bring an approximation of a hot, sticky summer night to Whitehart. It’ll feel just like the real deal if you believe hard enough, right? Maybe pack another layer, just in case.

Cheap Money

  • Friday July 12 and Tuesday July 30
  • w/ Heni and Jarman

A feast for the ears, mind and body, Cheap Money is what you get when you bring some of the finest purveyors of alternative black music from clubs around the world, embracing UK Garage, Jersey Club beats, and more.

Uncut Rhythm

  • Saturday July 13
  • w/ Binofski and Mr Pitiful

On Saturday night, Binofski and Mr Pitiful will be driving the bus, piloting the dancefloor from their battle stations, the decks becoming sonic cannons dishing out a barrage of heavy synths and beat-up drum machines, carefully spelunked from their crate-of-origin. Deep house is king.

Zalina w/ friends

  •  Sunday July 14

When Zalina and her merry few descend upon Whitehart Bar, there’s one thing you can know for certain. Bangers, bangers, and more bangers. All. Night. Long. Sounds like our kinda Sunday.


  • Tuesday July 16

Slinging some tasteful lo-fi beats, consider this your ticket to your very own Nimbus cloud, where you’ll ride along grooves laid down by Sadiva behind the decks.  So take a break and convert alcohol into smiles til your heart’s content. Nice and comfy, just how we like it.

Love Above Presents

  • Saturday July 20

The passion project of DJ Ingrid and Ryan Berkeley, Love Above has served as a sanctuary for house and disco lovers since 2016. Expect excursions into antipodean house, and a really fine selection to boot from the duo and the likes of Prequel, DJ JNETT, Agent 86, AKA Zeb, Mikekon, N2k, Aucun Alias⁠ and so much more⁠.

Also don’t miss the record store which will be set up upstairs from some different record store labels for the night!

Lixxxtrado GLOBAL

  • Sunday July 21

Lixxxtrado will have Whitehart moving and grooving to some of the best Latin bangers you’ve ever heard. These DJs are becoming quite the hot commodity, pushing the boundaries of dance music into new directions, blurring the lines between genres and influences outside of tradition.

Honey w/ MzRizk

  • Friday July 26

Quite the busy-body, MzRizk seems to have her foot in every door in the music industry, bringing varied perspectives to enrich the nuanced culture that we have garnered in Australia. She’s gained substantial notoriety because of this, and to add to the list of greatness, she can hold her own as a selector as well. Embracing her middle-eastern roots, she makes use of the new and old to bring new sounds to the dancefloor.

Mondo Ritmo

  • Saturday, July 27

The brainchild of DJ Mythtapes and Brother Julian, these fellas have more than 20 years of music under their belts. With those sorts of credentials, good times are as good as guaranteed.


  • Sunday, July 28

Make sure to pack some rope to keep yourself tethered to Earth before saxophonist, producer and DJ DaffaDuck turns the localised gravitational field off for the duration of the night. First it’ll start in your toes and fingers, before electricity shoots up your arms and legs, powering the boogie-machine deep within your chest. Don’t know what to do? Just dance!

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