There’s so much talent at the Bergy, it’s like Christmas in July

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There’s so much talent at the Bergy, it’s like Christmas in July

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📸 - Briarna Azurella

Brrrrrrrrrr. We all know that feeling too well. The sort of cold that gets right into your bones, even when the mercury doesn't show it.

Need somewhere to hole up in until things get a little less brisk outside? Where better than the Bergy? Where the drinks, tunes and festivities never stop. Every day is a party, and with something almost always on, you’ll never overstay your welcome.

To accompany a good belly full of grog, an essential in these times, the wonderful people at the bergy have quite the treat awaiting us, a recipe that’s a surefire way to keep even the most frost-nipped of hands nice and toasty. With a roster chock full of some of the finest talent the city has to offer, including indie folk-pokes, alt-rockers, metalcore moshers, prog-rock wizards and more, there’s a little slice of heaven awaiting everyone at the Bergy. We’ll see you there.

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Chelsea Elder


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  • Friday, July 5th
  • w/ Kaitlin Keegan, Sadie Mustoe and Emma Yue
  • Buy tickets here.

On the first Friday of the month, Chelsea Elder will be launching her EP Quiet. A storyteller above all else, Chelsea’s music feels like water moving over rocks in a creek, her melodies and vocal harmonies trickling down rock faces, becoming streams, rivers, and waterfalls. It’s an experience like no other, teetering on the brink of total elation and melancholy, each song its own emotional mountain of which we the listener can’t help but attempt to scale. Supported by the ethereal Kaitlin Keegan, Sadie Mustoe and Emma Yue, who are stellar artists in their own right, expect to bring a box of tissues. Maybe a hot tea or something as well. Trust us, you’re gonna need it.

Mannequin Death Squad


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  • Saturday, July 6th
  • w/ Daddy Issues, Nightlight and Operation Karma
  • Tickets have sold out!

Coming off the back of an action-packed touring itinerary, Mannequin Death Squad are bringing their brand of thrash-pop power to home soil for two nights only! After supporting funk-thrash royalty Suicidal Tendencies on their sold-out Australian tour, MDS are gearing up to melt our collective brains, descending on the Bergy Bandroom like agents of hellfire and chaos. Pack a neckbrace, because once the dynamic duo take to the stage, it’ll be stage four sonic whiplash, as they deftly switch between genres, instruments and all things in between at terminal velocity.  Backed up by local maniacs Daddy Issues, Nightlight and Operation Karma, expect to walk away with a couple of missing teeth, a broken leg or even a shattered jaw, in the proverbial sense of course. Yowch! 



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  • Thursday, July 11th
  • w/ Dear Matilda, The Soggy Pockets and PieSale
  • Buy tickets here.

There’s a dinner party happening! It’s all systems go as Titration, Dear Matilda, The Soggy Pockets and PieSale descend upon the band room for one fateful night, though we can’t guarantee that there will be actual dinner. Worry not, it’ll be a feast for your ears instead! Covering all expressions across the alt-rock spectrum, Titration brings the energy, Dear Matilda brings the balls, The Soggy Pockets bring the sillies (and soggy pockets), and PieSale? A post-punk crust, grunge-filled rock pie, topped with powdered “fuck you”. We don’t know about you guys, but our mouths are already watering. It’s going to be a steaming hot one, dense and heavy in all the right places, fresh out of the oven and on the windowsill, ripe for the taking.

Nice Biscuit


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  • Friday, July 12th
  • Buy tickets here.

Nice Biscuit are going on tour again! After a lull in the release cycle following their double EP Create Simulate and Passing Over back in 2021, Nice Biscuit have baked us yet another treat, taking the form of their new single Rain. Written in the wake of catastrophic bushfires and floods, the song is a shout into a dark void as the climate continues to be destroyed, falling on the same deaf ears that are behind the damage.
When Nice Biscuit take to the stage, expect to be wrapped up tightly in a warm, fuzzy blanket of infectious vocal hooks, hypnotic arpeggios, and melodies that sail upon winds of feedback and reverb, with crisp flavours of psychedelia and krautrock peppering the mix. You’ll be left with your mouth wide open, deep in a trance, exactly where you’re supposed to be.


  • Saturday, July 13th
  • w/ The Delvenes and The Flickering Stars
  • Buy tickets here.

The Riflebirds are making themselves at home on July 13th, sending the place into a frenzy just as we were getting comfortable. What’s the occasion you may ask? They’re launching their fifth album, that’s what, and boy are they an impressive act. Their Opus, Modern Complications is getting its very own baby shower, and one well-deserved at that. A controlled cacophonic explosion, expect a frenzy as grinding guitars dance with equally chaotic keys, grounded by a rock-solid rhythm section, with basslines and fills that reign things just when you think they’re on the verge of losing all control. Supporting them are Jangle-pop surf icons The Delvenes and newcomers The Flickering Stars, a band at the height of their powers.


  • Sunday, July 14th
  • w/ Citrus and Lava Lakes
  • Buy tickets here.

While you won’t find the dragon balls here, you won’t soon be leaving empty-handed. Introducing Kakarot! A band that transcends what it means to be a band, what it means to groove, what it means to jive; they’re a band that explodes like a dying star at the end of the universe. Lucky for us, we won’t have to wait that long to bear witness to their teachings in sonic expression, bobbing and weaving through tune after tune with a finesse unseen since Muhammad Ali. The band room will undergo a metamorphosis, becoming a place where hips sway, drinks and drunken and grooves are boogied to. Supported by the funk-adelic Citrus and Lava Lakes, get ready to have your brains rearranged, with all cognitive capacity dedicated to the rhythm and the beat.

Battle of the Bands Heat 3


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  • Wednesday, July 17th
  • w/ Dirty Gwen, Chloe Booth, Lipstereo, Jacqui Lumsden and Tudor Club
  • Buy tickets here.

July 17th marks the next instalment of the Battle of the Bands, hosted at the Bergy! Collaborating with strictly live, come see five of the most promising upcoming bands in Melbourne battle it out for musical supremacy. When you have a selection like this it really could be anyone’s game here, and your vote might just make all the difference. The stakes are pretty huge as well, with a $1000 prize and a spot in the Grand Final up for grabs, with a grand prize of $5000 and recording time at Wick Studios. Come and give the next generation of musicians the push that they need for greatness. Wicked!

Earth Cadet


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  • Thursday, July 18th
  • w/ Fur Blossom and Pink Rock Salt
  • Buy tickets here.

Earth Cadet are making their way down from Bendigo to the Bergy, the first stop on their trip around the state flogging their new EP Tales from the End to punters far and wide. Borrowing from the stylings of some of the greatest in the business in the 90s, Sam Edmond’s project Earth Cadet is a fresh take on grunge, punk and arena rock, but with a modern twist. In his own words, Sam says that he “write(s) pop melodies and quick riffs for the modern attention span… Rock and roll is immediate, it’s good to come back to that”. Supported by local legends Fur Blossom and Pink Rock Salt, it all sounds a bit ambitious, doesn’t it? You’ll just have to come and see for yourselves, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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  • Friday, July 19th
  • w/ ATLVS and Synge
  • Buy tickets here.

Wollongong Metalcore maestros are finally going on tour, making their first stop at the Bergy, right here in Melbourne. Right from the minute they step into the room, the excitement is palpable. If you’d been through what they’d been through, you’d be pretty chuffed at the whole thing too. After a meteoric rise, the Alienist have been everywhere, playing alongside the greats with a raucous reception at music publications the world over, and pretty soon you’ll understand why. With heavy hitters ATLVS and promising fresh meat Synge from Sydney on the bill, there’s not much more we have to say really.

BLOODSHED at the Bergy

  • Saturday, July 20th
  • w/ Blood on my Hands, Nebulam, Grave Risk and Tarnished
  • Buy tickets here.
  • 2pm show!

BLOODSHED will be the meeting place for all things core, an opportunity for even the most seasoned pit-rats to throw down with the best of them. Proceedings will be carried out by the four chosen clerics of doom, those who can conjure a circle pit from nothing, warlocks capable of casting br00tal breakdowns with both hands behind their backs. It’ll be a stain on the face of all things holy, and we like it that way. And the best part? It’s kicking off at 2pm, and we can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday Afternoon.

Low Monroe and the Fugitives

  • Saturday, July 20th
  • w/ Echo Social Club and Kandalini
  • Buy tickets here.

After an insane year spent doing what they do best, Low Monroe and the Fugitives are eyeing up a debut at the Bergy, and it’s shaping up to be quite the classy affair. As theatrical as ever, you’d think if you had walked in on a haunting cabaret show at some dingy club in Berlin in the 20s, a display oh so glorious. Picture the band as a group of washed-up cowboys, standing at the intersection of the here and then, finding themselves brooding as their profession falls out of fashion. Embracing jazz and gothic sounds, Low Monroe and the Fugitives are the epitome of the modern cow-punk. Come bathe in the romanticism of the Silver age, all the ugly bits included. Supported by Echo Social Club and Kandalini, it’ll be a night of triumph and loss.

Neema Naz –  Estupid Pop-Up


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  • Sunday, July 21st
  • Tickets sold out!

The Persian Prince of Comedy is finally touring Australia! Having sold out two nights in Melbourne almost immediately, well-known internet funny-man Neema Naz has organised a third show for us, right here at the Bergy. Neema has been hanging out in Melbourne and Sydney for a little while now, getting himself out there as much as possible ahead of this tour, which is now coming to pass. Neema covers a whole range of comedy, though is mostly known for his observational style and crowd work, making light of racial stereotypes and social issues on stage. So come on down and make this Canadian feel right at home, we are his favourite audience after all.

Strictly Live Showcase 3.0


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  • Wednesday, July 24th
  • w/ Cass Aware, Sharp Edges, SideTracked and Backbone
  • Buy tickets here.

In partnership with the Bergy, Strictly Live is showcasing another array of some up-and-coming acts from around the state, featuring skate-rock hoodlums Cass Aware, grunge-fiends Sharp Edges, jazz cats SideTracked and heavy rock legends Backbone. This’ll be one for the books people.

Shelly’s Motor Club

  • Thursday, July 25th
  • w/ Eastbound Buzz and Bailey Judd
  • Buy tickets here.

These cats really know how to make a room move! We present! Shelly’s Motor Club! A band that wears its influences on its sleeve, embracing all the swagger, all the soul, all the funk, and all things cool as they are slated to take over the Bergy on the 25th. An homage to the glamour of Motown, this 6-piece outfit just oozes every good bit of the 70s, putting a new spin on it for all the cool kids in the here and now. Celebrating the release of their first single You Do the Math, they are joined by heartland rock outfit Eastbound Buzz and funk god Bailey Judd. Scintilating

Hassal and Indigo Hue


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A post shared by Indigo Hue (@indigohuemusic)

  • Friday, July 26th
  • w/ Dela Cruz
  • Buy tickets here.

These two friends are hitting the road together, and truly nothing can stop them. Hailing from Melbourne and Brisbane respectively, Hassal and Indigo met playing a show together, sharing the bill on a fateful night in late 2022. As a testament to friendship, see Hassal and Indigo bring their own brand of warm Australiana on their Love Ya Guts tour, with Melbourne as the final stop. These artists have somehow managed to capture the conditions of modernity that we are all subject to living in so-called Australia, distilling these themes down to their finer points, with each song its own story to be told. These two songsters will be joined by Dela Cruz, who’s is more than excited just to be on the bill. We’ll see you there.

Zachary Leo


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  • Saturday, July 27th
  • w/ Barefoot Spacemen and Alisya Rae
  • Buy tickets here.

We’ve got yet another EP launch on, this time coming from Zacahry Leo with On My Mind. Hailing from Melbourne, Zachary brings more than just a name to the table, creating a stylish fusion of funk and rock with indie pop, taking cues from soul and psychedelia royalty, such as Prince, Funkadelic, Stevie Wonder and Tame Impala among others. The tunes themselves are a love letter to the good times, the warm and fuzzy, polishing off six-packs on the beach before taking a cheeky dip (we don’t condone the mixing of alcohol and watersports), but at the same time acknowledging the harsh realities of life. Supported by funk maestros Barefoot Spacemen and the Soulful Alisya Rae, they’ve got every base covered.

Sun Stone


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  • Saturday, July 28th
  • w/ Lukas Battey and John Yanko
  • Buy tickets here.

Slick as space-metal-prog-rock apostles Sun Stone are headlining the Bergy this last Saturday of the month, and boy are we pumped. Think bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Porcupine Tree and Karnivool, with just a hair of Hawkwind mixed in. This band is what happens at the intersection of metal and nerdom, a glorious display and tribute to melody and technical prowess. Supported by incredible singer-songwriter Lukas Battey and Multi-instrumentalist John Yanko, this isn’t a night you’ll want to miss. c

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