What to expect from country-rock outfit HONK’s debut album

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What to expect from country-rock outfit HONK’s debut album


Your debut album, With The Lot, is about to hit the shelves. What’s the story behind the record and what inspired it?

The guys in HONK basically wish they were outlaw country stars from the 1960s and ‘70s, but we’re not. Having come to terms with that, we write music which leans pretty heavily on that era, with tinges of bar-room rock and R&B. The record features 11 original tracks, plus a reworking of an old classic by our hero Eddie Noack called ‘Beer Drink’n Blues’. There is plenty of variety, with songs of lost love, renewed love, revenge, wayward anti-heroes and falling asleep on the train. Look out for the epic, ‘Gates of Graceland’ – a tune about Jerry Lee Lewis drunkenly arriving at Graceland in 1976 to settle his claim to the title of king of rock’n’roll. It did not end well, especially for his bass player.

What can we expect from your upcoming album launch at The Espy?

The new owners of the Espy have kept the Basement Bar in original, sticky carpet, condition, which is nice. We will belt through the tunes from With The Lot and showcase songs from our second album, which we are currently recording. Plenty of guest musicians will be involved, and unlike most bands, we have allowed for up to two bass solos. Our bass player is no shrinking violet.

Tell us of five songs which have shaped your sound?

‘Honky Tonk Heroes’ by Waylon Jennings, ‘Rocks Off’ by The Rolling Stones, ‘Sunday Morning Coming Down’ by Kris Kristofferson, ‘Berlin Chair’ by You Am I and ‘Think it Over’ by Steve Earle.

Catch Honk at The Espy on Friday September 6 from 8pm, free entry. With The Lot is due for release soon, keep your eyes on Honk’s socials for details.