West Thebarton : Different Beings Being Different

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West Thebarton : Different Beings Being Different


Adelaide’s gritty seven-piece West Thebarton have released a strong homage to Australian pub rock with debut album Different Beings Being Different.

What immediately stands out in this LP is frontman Reverend Ray’s sprawling and guttural vocal style. His presence throughout the album is strong and inescapable. Adding to the gutter tones of his vocals is some very beefy rhythm guitars, and guitar hooks breaking up with amps so overdriven you could imagine the speakers catching on fire.

Produced by Dylan Adams (Skeggs/DMA’s) who flew to Adelaide to record West Thebarton at Twin Earth Studios, the entire album brims with big sounds and in-your-guts low-end. There’s a sonic unity to the album even when we shift from party anthems like ‘Stuck On You’ to the sinister, slow, and bleak ‘Reasons’.

‘Ivan’ is another standout track and enjoys a hint of relief from the mono vocal idea that doesn’t let up throughout the album. The final track ‘Set It Straight’ is a puzzling one as it seems without doubt a cover song, but you scratch your head as to what it actually is.

People who love Eddy Current Suppression Ring may love this album, but punters who are curious about the future of rock’n’roll could be underwhelmed.