Various Artists: Official: The Best Of Australian Hip Hop, Vol. 1

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Various Artists: Official: The Best Of Australian Hip Hop, Vol. 1


This release from DJ and artist manager Nate Flagrant’s new label, It’s Official Music, is a retrospective on the relatively young genre of Australian hip hop. The scene has had a hard-fought history, with successes only beginning to emerge in the last decade or so. That said, Aussie hip hop can now claim some big names including the Hilltop Hoods, Bliss N Eso and The Herd, all of which are featured here, although not necessarily leading with their best foot forward.

Now, I like the idea of Australian hip hop, but I find that in reality it’s still extremely hit and miss. But then again, so is every other genre I can think of right now. All in all the compilation is pretty enjoyable if you find the genre to your taste but completely abominable if you don’t. There aren’t crossover hits here: no Nosebleed Section, so this one’s for the hip hop faithful only.

Also featuring Drapht, Urthboy, Muph N Plutonic, Illy, Butterfingers, and even that blast from the past 1200 Techniques, Official: The Best of Australian Hip Hop, Vol.1 offers a fair cross-section of Australian hip hop.  My favourites? Drapht’s Rapunzel, Hilltop Hoods’ collaboration with Sia I Love It, and Seth Sentry’s love letter to the woman who brings him food:The Waitress Song.


Best Track: I Love It

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In A Word: Oztraya!