‘Untalented, uncultured and unneeded’: Azealia Banks takes aim at Australian music scene

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‘Untalented, uncultured and unneeded’: Azealia Banks takes aim at Australian music scene

Azealia Banks Australia

The controversial rapper has shared some thoughts on our fair nation – and they're not exactly complimentary.

Whenever an Azealia Banks Instagram story comes up, you know someone’s about to take some heat.

This time, she took aim at the country of Australia – specifically, our music scene.

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“Someone has got to tell the Australian music industry that absolutely no one on earth takes it seriously,” she wrote.

“They have created one of the most culturally stale white nations on the planet.”

The gist of her argument was that the country’s “aggressive, barbaric, violent and oppressive” behaviour towards its Indigenous population has ruined its culture.

“The reason the Australian music industry and Australian culture is so trash is because of their country’s historical post-colonial obsession with, I guess, trying to prove to England and the Monarchy that they – a legion of convicts/mentally insane social rejects – were in fact a proper white Anglo-Saxon society.”

“Y’all stomped all the blackness out of Australia,” she wrote, “which is why your music exports suck, and we don’t feel bad for you.”

The New York native also shared her thoughts on a few Aussie gems: Kylie Minogue, AC/DC and INXS get a pass for being the only “internationally appetizing” exports, Wolfmother she labeled as “excellent but clearly an American rock tribute band” and Tame Impala she called “cheesy”.

This isn’t the first time Azealia Banks expressed her distaste for Australia. After her most recent tour to the country turned into a disaster, she vowed to never come back.

She faced visa troubles, cancelled and postponed shows, and claimed to have a bottle thrown at her during the Sydney gig.

She also complained about her Australian tour promoters at Bizarro and Point Blank productions, which she called “literal 21 year old coke heads”.

“Y’all white people down here are broke and racist LMAO,” she wrote.

Does this mean it’s finally time to stop playing 212 at the club? We’re not sure.

To keep updated on Azealia Banks vs Australia (as well as all of her other feuds), check her out on Instagram here.