Tyler, The Creator: Flower Boy

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Tyler, The Creator: Flower Boy


Tyler, The Creator’s name is almost synonymous with controversy, and the release of Flower Boy has been no exception. For weeks, the internet was abuzz with speculation surrounding Tyler’s lyrics – a shitstorm that threatened to overshadow the album’s release.


Thankfully, it doesn’t. Flower Boy offers a fistful of self-produced, synth-heavy rap ballads, highlighting Tyler, The Creator’s maturity as an artist on his most cohesive and sophisticated project to date. Even with 11 feature artists, Tyler still manages to remain the sole focus of the album, with guest spots from A$AP Rocky and Frank Ocean being outshone by Tyler’s thematic lyrics and developing brand of N.E.R.D-inspired musical production.


While he still throws in a few bass heavy tracks with lines such as, “Fuck global warming, my neck is so frío/I’m currently looking for ’95 Leo” purely intended for shock value, songs like 911/Mr Lonely and Boredom stand out as album highlights. Here they merge soulful upbeat guitar flourishes with Tyler’s lyrical reflections on his own loneliness and the trappings of fame.


 It’s certainly nothing groundbreaking, but given Tyler’s turbulent history, it’s definitely a big step in a new direction.