Twelve Foot Ninja vs. New Skinn

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Twelve Foot Ninja vs. New Skinn



On the first couple of listens to any TFN song, just when the listener thinks they have it figured out, you turn it on its head. How do you go about writing in so many styles?

I have always listened to contrasting genres of music (comparatively), and I enjoy attempting to analyse what defines those genres and implementing those principles into my own music… AND I like the red herring way House episodes start and I wanted to replicate that in music form.

You are an insanely accomplished guitarist. What made you pick up a guitar?

I got into guitar when I was around seven after seeing my cousin and uncle playing the 12 bar blues in my grandparents lounge room – as soon as I heard that, I had to learn how to do it.

Explain the dynamics of Twelve Foot Ninja. What does each member bring to the plate?

Dynamics. Everyone brings something to the table – Nik has been writing complete songs on his iPhone which actually sound awesome. He is also an excellent lyricist and vocal arranger. Russ is a hedonist that lures you into doing shit with his enthusiasm and swearing. Damon gets things done – he’s a doer of things. As a team we work well.

You’ve played some big shows and tours. Got any good stories? Highlights? Disasters? Do you know the Colonels 11 herbs and spices recipe? Tell me?!

I draw a blank with that question and I can see Crutey staring at me through the window tapping his watch because this was supposed to be done already! AHHHHH . . . The singer from the Galvatrons tried to kiss our manager at Pyramid Rock Festival!

If you were to put together an all star jam with members of the Melbourne music scene! Who would you have? And no… You can’t use TFN members!

Ted from Circles and I have discussed doing some stuff as well as Tom Fitzgerald and Kazz from Ennis Tola. I’d start with them and my good mate Juddy from China Vagina.



Apparently you are playing bass in about 19 bands and 3 of those are hitting the stage at Rock The Bay: Fisker, Freestate and New Skinn. How do you get time to watch so much pornography AND have cool hair?
Haha. I’m looking forward to it! Gonna be an epic day/night! To maintain this hectic lifestyle (and hair), one must become a master of time management and sacrifice. This essentially means I don’t sleep.

I’ve always found New Skinn to be a good bunch of blokes. Are they?
Bastards the lot of them! Probably why I get along with them so well. They’re great guys and great musos.

How many times have you looked at the giant picture of the chick from Magic Dirt near the ATM at the Espy?
You haven’t lived until you’ve stared longingly at that poster when all your efforts to pick up that night went down in flames. Keeps you warm on the long cab ride home.

Have you seen Fergus Hunt’s knife? 
I haven’t… Not sure if that’s a good thing or not. I just don’t want the first time I see it to be while he’s chasing me!

If you were Lindsey Lohan’s character in a real life ‘Freaky Friday’ and Matt Crute was Jamie Lee Curtis’s character, what would you do in the first 24 hours? (Just to be clear: I am asking what you would do if you suddenly became Matt Crute).
If I was Matt Crute I’d immediately ring Chris Miller and offer him my first born and tell him how amazing he really is! Then I’d find E37’s Casey and spend all night doing our best Scat-man impressions while destroying my liver with jager bombs!