Tour a ‘Gloop’ factory and imagine future food systems in this free exhibition

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Tour a ‘Gloop’ factory and imagine future food systems in this free exhibition

gloop factory

It's kind of like Soylent Green (but it's not people).

We all are aware by now that things will be a lot different on our planet if we hit that nasty 1.5C degrees of warming (which we are on track to do unless things change).

In Gloop: Exploring Urban Food Systems in 2049 (Part 1), the curators envision a world where that number has already been met. What will we eat when the soil is arid and water is scarce? Gloop, perhaps.

Gloop: Exploring Urban Food Systems in 2049

  • The free exhibition explores the idea of global food systems in a dystopian future
  • It’ll show to the public from 12 to 5pm on June 2, 3, 9 and 10
  • It’ll be hosted at BETA by STH BNK

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A collaboration by web3 arts collective Furutology, Swinburne University and BETA by STH BNK, the Gloop factory will be open for guests to tour on Friday and Saturday evenings from June 2 to 10.


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But what is Gloop, you ask? Good question. It’s an AI-enhanced, eco-friendly food that uses brain-altering technology to taste delicious and flavourful instead of sludgy and bland. Sustainable yet controversial, this future food is the imagined result of what may happen when our food system is pushed to its limits.

It’ll feature the work of Swinburn Architecture and Urban Design Masters students who have been focusing their work on “futurneering” and exploring alternate realities.

On June 2, they’ll be hosting an opening night, where they’ll be joined by food industry professionals including members frow Slow Food Victoria, A Taste For Travel and the Disruptive Business Network. There will also be curated food creations by plant-based gelato maker Chef Gigi.

The annual Melbourne Design Week, which ran this year from May 18 to 28, sheds light on innovative, creative and functional new designs through discussions, showcases and workshops.

For information on Gloop: Exploring Urban Food Systems in 2049, head here