Tori Forsyth delivers a rock’n’roll adventure with her new album, ‘Provlépseis’

Tori Forsyth delivers a rock’n’roll adventure with her new album, ‘Provlépseis’

Words by Tom Parker

It’s the sophomore record from the rising Australian singer-songwriter.

Tori Forsyth is an established Australian songwriter who cut her teeth in the expanses of folk and alternative country, garnering plenty of industry traction and plaudits in the process.

Yet on her new album, Provlépseis, Forsyth is expanding her palette. Across 13 tracks, Forsyth dances between grunge, alt-rock, and the folk she knows so well, without losing grip of the balladry we’ve come to know and love of the artist.

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Forsyth is influenced by everyone from Stevie Nicks, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Courtney Love’s Hole and The Cranberries… Listening to Provlépseisit’s no wonder.

A scorching rock’n’roll track, ‘Be Here’ is the perfect jumpstart for the album, a song that brings to mind Pixies in its grungy exhilaration. The electrifying guitar hooks that drive the number make you want to get out of your chair and lose your shit.

But tracks such as ‘Courtney Love’ and ‘Keeper’ scale things back effortlessly and beautifully. The production on these two tracks in particular is serene and transcendent, taking you to a different place from the more helter skelter moments on the record.

So what’s the inspiration behind Provlépseis?

“This is the expansion and third chapter in what will be a large collection of stories,” Forsyth says of the album. “It’s about heartache, observations of the 21st century and how I’ve dealt (or not) dealt with them. The record that was written before it played out. I give you Provlépseis.”

The release of the album comes alongside a new video for track four, ‘Redundant’, a clip which sees Forsyth and her band perform from an abandoned warehouse. It’s a window into Forsyth’s live setup, one which sees the artist channelling her rock’n’roll swagger with visceral, rousing intent.

Check out the new video for ‘Redundant’ below.

Provlépseis is out now via Island Records Australia. For more on Forsyth, head to her website.