Too sick to leave your house? Get a doctor’s note without getting out of bed

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Too sick to leave your house? Get a doctor’s note without getting out of bed

Doctor’s Note

This new Aussie telehealth platform can connect you to a doctor who can give you a medical certificate ... all without having to leave your bed.

With this atrocious flu season rampaging through Melbourne, it’s clear that our immune systems sure have taken a beating after two years at home. If you’ve had the flu, you’ll know that the last thing you want to do is step outside into the appallingly cold Melbourne winter, trek to the doctor to wait in their office, just to trudge home again. You’ll never have to do that again, because Updoc is the new a 24/7 telehealth platform that connects you to partner doctors to give you a medical certificate if you need one to claim sick leave.

What you need to know

  • Get a Doctor’s Note without venturing into the cold with Updoc
  • This Aussie startup connects you to a partner doctor, so you can submit your sick leave
  • You can receive a physical copy of your medical certificate in the post for $15, or they can email it to you that day for $30

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With all certificates meeting the Fair Work Act 2009 requirements, all you have to do is full out a questionnaire that asks for your details as well as your symptoms. Then, all you have to do is rest and wait while it gets sent to a doctor who will review it – and get in touch if they have any more questions. With most consultations being reviewed within the hour, it’s the easiest way to get a medical certificate.


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“I found that whenever I was sick I needed to book an appointment, which I often couldn’t get as most doctors can only see a limited number of people per week,” co-founder Dylan Coyne says in a statement. “Then I needed to travel while sick if I could even get a doctor, wait in an awkward consultation room, tell a GP, ‘I’m sick and I need a medical certificate for work,’ and then travel home after paying.”

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