This new Melbourne performance opens unmade, then deteriorates

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This new Melbourne performance opens unmade, then deteriorates


'methods for collapse' is a new performance score opening at Melbourne's Blindside gallery that challenges traditional depictions of the creative cycle.

methods for collapse (m4c) is the challenging new work by 2019 VCA graduate Gabriella Imrichova, which facilitates Gabriella’s early enquiries and experiments into developing failing devices (“stumbles”), and de-centered methods of making, for live performance. The performances are on view from 29 June – 16 July 2022.

Invested in visual liberation through counter-intuitive practices, m4c is a live performance score that will open unmade in Melbourne’s Blindside gallery in The Nicholas Building on Swanston Street, and which will go through cycles of creation and then destructive processing techniques over the duration of the exhibition. methods for collapse will be performed by Mara Galagher, Sophie Gargan, Roslyn Orlando, and Anika de Ruyter.

methods for collapse schedule

  • 29 June – 2 July: A site responsive score is written
  • 6 July – 9 July: Performers learn the score
  • 13 July ­– 15 July: The score is pushed through cycles of processing techniques
  • 16 July: The score goes through the cycles before being layered one on top of the other aka the final mode of the scores collapse

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Blindside and Imrichova jointly describe the exhibition as “a resistance to our seemingly inherent desires for knowing, progress and order (aka holding the world captive). It is an attempt to parallel a queer desire for becoming unlocatable/illegible through the ‘collapse [of] all reference and reconcilability’.

“m4c is the beginning of inquiries into a performance language which dis-locates/dis-orients (-to never reorient). A language to scramble the ease between image and label; an attempt to generate a phenomenology of kin.”

On the surface, perhaps the most interesting aspect to Imrichova’s new score is that it will open to the public with no unveiling or revealing, with the aim of unlocking Blindside from its usual function as a gallery.

The exhibition will reportedly constantly appear to the audience in a state of flux, entering unmade and opening to the public as a work-in-progress. Under the artist’s vision, Blindside will transform from gallery into a studio space, where the public are invited to witness the writing, development, de-development (deterioration), and final collapse of the score.

methods for collapse opens at Blindside on Thursday 30 June 2022 6–8pm. For more info, head here.