This fascinating new Melbourne arts space is throwing monthly ambient and experimental gigs

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This fascinating new Melbourne arts space is throwing monthly ambient and experimental gigs

Words by Staff Writer

HAIR, an intimate and experimental new arts space at 514 Elizabeth Street, is throwing their second ambient and experimental show this Sunday with some very interesting sound artists.

HAIR has announced the second edition of their SALON night—Inhabited, after a very interesting debut show last month.

It will feature live performances from jjjacob (DK), G. Glacken, and Polje Nieuk on Sunday, 19th May, from 3pm onwards. Inhabited responds to catharsis as a psychic action taken place during the process of mourning, in achieving a free, inhabited ego. Entry is a bargain donation; $5/$10 on the door.

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jjjacob is a Copenhagen-based artist who has set out to explore the implications of electronic music on a personal and societal level. In the tension between the intimate and emotional on one side and the violent and chaotic on the other, jjjacob’s compositions flourish as the soundtrack to some forgotten dream world. Through sound collages of distorted samples, grandiose synth melodies, and percussive beats, he portrays his reflections about himself and the world around him in the nonverbal ways of music. And even though his style ranges from meditational ambient floaters to aggressive club-inspired bangers, he has found his personal blueprint for sound and aesthetics.

His sincere endeavours into his artistry began in 2017 during his rehabilitation period after getting a stroke with severe physical and mental consequences, in which music became a self-therapeutic tool to process emotional material.

In 2020 jjjacob started his own label katharsis, with a vision of showing the world how music is an essential healing force of nature. Now four years in, katharsis has put out almost 40 emotionally cleansing releases including 7 compilations and 2 sample packs with artists from all over the world.

R. Glacken

R. Glacken is a computer musician born in Palo Alto, living in Naarm. R holds the belief that feeling in music should be expressed like undefinable globules in a lava lamp, assembling before your ears and gone before you knew what happened. A harmony carpenter. If this type of feeling is so good, why isn’t it popular? R chooses to use synthesized sound, sampled sound and voice.

Polje Nieuk

Formerly known as Tourist Kid, Polje Nieuk is the sound-based collaborative project of dylan marelić and grzegorz dalmata. Their music practice is process-driven, combining DIY electro-acoustics, field recordings, synthesizers, and speech elements.

Each sound is layered with a focus on its idiosyncrasies, transforming indistinct recordings into a sonic tapestry. Polje Nieuk works with these elements like building materials to form drones, rhythms, and textures that conjure imagery of hypothetical spaces shrouded in an ambient fog.

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