Fed Square are screening Studio Ghibli films for free this week

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Fed Square are screening Studio Ghibli films for free this week

Studio Ghibli
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Gather your friends and family for some cinematic enchantment.

Get ready to embark on a cinematic journey like no other as some of the best Studio Ghibli films descend upon Melbourne’s Federation Square.

From September 19 to 22, this free event promises to whisk you away into the mesmerising worlds crafted by the legendary Studio Ghibli.

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But there’s a unique twist to this festival – it’s powered by you! Ever wondered how much effort it takes to bring your favourite movies to life on the big screen? Here’s your chance to find out. Head over to The Edge, where you can hop on a bicycle and become a part of the magic.

The Pedal Power system transforms your energy into 250 watts of continuous power, enough to illuminate the digital screen and let you watch a film you’ve powered into existence.

The festival kicks off with a dose of environmental consciousness. Dive into thought-provoking short documentaries from the Environmental Film Festival and Transition Film Festival, including the Emmy-winning Humanity Has Not Yet Failed and the eye-opening KUAP.

The true magic begins in the afternoon with a curated selection of classic Studio Ghibli films.

They’re screening classic Ghibli films, such as My Neighbor Totoro, Laputa Castle in the Sky, Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away.

In My Neighbour Totoro, sisters Satsuki and Mei’s discovery of strange forest guardians, which they lovingly call Totoro, sets the stage for a heartwarming tale of friendship and hope.

Soar into the world of dreams and adventure with Laputa Castle in the Sky. Follow Pazu and Sheeta as they chase the mythical floating island of Laputa, pursued by pirates and government agents.

Get ready for a magical transformation in Howl’s Moving Castle. Sophie, an ordinary girl, finds herself aging rapidly after a chance encounter with a wizard. Her quest to reverse the curse leads her to the enigmatic Howl and his moving castle.

Tonight, don’t miss the Academy Award-winning masterpiece, Spirited Away. Follow Chihiro into a world of strange spirits and sorcery as she strives to save her transformed parents.

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