Australia’s largest short film festival is coming to Melbourne for one night only, showing Melbourne’s best films

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Australia’s largest short film festival is coming to Melbourne for one night only, showing Melbourne’s best films

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From a local festival at Balmain High School to one of Australia's greatest film festivals, Flickerfest is a triumph of the Australian film industry.

Flickerfest is celebrating 33 years and as usual, you didn’t need to make it up to Bondi to see the spectacular array of films. Kino Palace Cinemas at Collins Place will host this beloved festival’s program once again (18 years now!) including its specially curated Best of Melbourne highlights.

This Academy Award and BAFTA-accredited short film festival is packed to the rafters for its 2024 edition, showcasing an entertaining, exciting program of inspiring and award-winning films.

Flickerfest 2024

  • Australia’s largest short film festival’s 18th year in Melbourne
  • Kino Palace Cinemas at Collins Place
  • Wednesday, April 10
  • Meet the filmmakers, who will be present to introduce their films
  • Ticket includes a Gage Roads beer, Rosnay organic wine upon entry
  • Buy tickets here

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Flickerfest’s Best of Melbourne shorts program

Fresh from competition at Flickerfest Bondi, the festival’s Best Of Melbourne shorts feature an amazing bunch of talented Melbourne creatives and their stories, giving Flickerfest Melbourne audiences the first look at the hottest short films made and produced in their hometown.

Enjoy a welcome drink on arrival and the chance to hear from the festival’s fabulous Melbourne filmmakers before the screening. Then sit back, relax and be amazed by a team of super-talented Melbourne creatives sharing their homegrown stories.

What’s In A Name

  • Winner of Flickerfest Best Direction
  • Director: Kalu Oji
  • Writer: Kalu Oji, Faro Musodza, Makwaya Masudi

An African Australian couple discover fractures from another history while taking part in a documentary.

Room For One More

When an entire house collapses on him, Alex realises he’s close to death. Will he use his final moments to reconnect with loved ones? Or will he go all-in on pitching his brilliant short film idea to old friend Bruno?

Cold Water

  • Winner of Flickerfest’s Best Original Screenplay
  • Director: Jay Perry, Shaun Perry
  • Writer: Jay Perry, Shaun Perry
  • Producer: Brayden Alden

Inspired by true events. Set in St Kilda, Australia, an elderly woman’s peaceful retirement is interrupted when her husband – the legendary Bruce Spence (Mad Max) – takes up a bizarre new hobby.


Inspired by Ovid’s Medusa myth, Gorgo is a dramatic short film that tells the story of a Greek bride’s cross-continental journey to marry a man she has never met. Matchmade by her best friend Athina, with promises of a new future in a distant land, Medousa finds herself arriving in Australia to a strange home—and a cold welcome. Thrust into her new marriage, she soon discovers a monstrous secret that threatens to tear apart the best friends’ vow of sisterhood.

The More The Storm

  • Director: Nathan Croft
  • Writer: Nathan Croft, Brielle Riza
  • Producer: Victoria Schaw

Belle is a university student facing her own challenges and finding her place in the world. Whilst enduring a day of distressing encounters, Belle musters the inner strength needed to stand up for herself. The More The Storm is the story of a young person gaining courage and self-assurance by overcoming adversity.

Lean In

  • Winner of Flickerfest Best Comedy
  • Director: Lucy Coleman
  • Writer: Lucy Coleman

Moral-abiding feminist comedian, Rach, receives a massive blow after a show when she is rejected by the agent she was so hungry for. Rach’s brother Benny takes her out to his work Christmas drinks as a means to cheer her up. But in his world of sales bro’s Rach is pushed to see if she’s got the “tenacity” to survive in their world. Will she flip on her morals and throw her integrity to the wind to step up to their plate?

Heart Throb

  • Director: Greta Nash
  • Writer: Greta Nash
  • Producer: Gillian Crosby, Gabrielle McLeod

18-year-old Gray is in love with his best friend Angelo, but his desire for social media stardom complicates things.


  • Director: Max Pollard
  • Writer: Max Pollard
  • Producer: Naomi Mendoza

Single-mother Helen and her son Jordan embark on an afternoon drive, things soon spiral out of control, tension builds between the two as they fight to live their own lives as part of their codependent relationship.

Good Grief

  • Director: Hamish Macgregor
  • Writer: Lewis Mullholland

Brandon is visited by his recently deceased girlfriend and discovers that haunting can have its advantages. Brandon and his sheet ghost girlfriend dive into domestic bliss and Brandon’s life improves with the unconditional support of his sheet ghost love. But ghosts become stuck in the In-Between for a reason and while Brandon thinks that his sheet ghost bae’s remaining duty is to lift him up, this sheet ghost honey has other ideas about crossing over to the afterlife.

Flickerfest remains a platform for showcasing the most entertaining and innovative short filmmaking from Australia and around the world and celebrating these films and their makers with audiences on the big screen.

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This article was made in partnership with Flickerfest.