RISING festival extends glowing Melbourne biosphere ‘The Wilds’

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RISING festival extends glowing Melbourne biosphere ‘The Wilds’

The Wilds
words by sidonie bird de la coeur

‘The Wilds’, a sensory and creative collage of art, performance, movement and food has extended its takeover of Sidney Myer Music Bowl by an extra week.

RISING has announced today that the immersive winter fantasy experience The Wilds will run for an extra week at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. The season extension gives visitors more opportunity to explore the creative explosion that unifies art aficionados, food lovers, urban explorers and adventure seekers.

What you need to know

  • The Wilds will take over Sidney Myer Music Bowl from Wed June 1 – June 19 (excluding Mondays)
  • Tickets are $22 for adults, $17 for concession and $12 for children
  • It is part of Melbourne’s RISING festival, which takes place from June 1 – June 12

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Visitors are invited to stroll through the glowing biosphere created by New York City-based Australian technologist artists Tin & Ed, whose practice blends nature and technology through playful, technicolour inflatable sculptures. Additionally, Filipino contemporary fine artist Leeroy New has created sprawling structures from the recycled bamboo bones of The Wilds 2021, which tangle together the notion of organic and inorganic construction. Fully immersing the visitor in the creatively playful wilderness that is The Wilds, sound artists Mark Mitchell and Pascal Barbare have crafted physics-based algorithms that condense natural movement to create a hauntingly beautiful audio work.

The Wilds is an art park reflecting an unbridled creative energy. It brings together the things we love most about Melbourne – art, design, food and music in a sensory experience for all ages,” said RISING Co-Artistic Director Hannah Fox. “After all our city has been through, we do not take for granted the freedom to come together. We hope that by extending The Wilds season, more people can experience this new winter tradition for Melbourne.”

An integral part of the biosphere that makes up The Wilds is The Lighthouse – a plant filled glasshouse dining room that makes up RISING’s headline fine-dining experience. Led by celebrated chef David Moyle (Franklin and Longsong) and joined by Jo Barrett and Matt Stone (futurefoodsystem, formally Oakridge Wines), their vision is one of sustainability and preservation.

Other culinary delights include plant-based creations from Smith & Daughter’s own Shannon Martinez and rich ragu from 1800 Lasagne’s Joey Kellock. Filipino barbeque traditions, passed down through generations, are kept alive by Regina and James Meehan at Hoy Pinoy. The San Telmo Group presents a roaring Argentinian barbeque, featuring prime cuts of meat and seasonal vegetables. Finally, Sandra Foti of Piccolina Gelateria has three unique collaborations with Smith & Daughters, 1800 Lasagne and The Nighthouse.

Roaming throughout The Wilds, you will find the Discordia mascots, gleaning, preening and convening through the bioluminescence. Joining the performances that make up the ecosystem of The Wilds are water ballerinas The Clams, emerging at this event as The Siphonophores. RISING’s Night Chorus provide reconstructed 80s and 90s hits, belting their tunes over Rinky Dink, the ice skating rink present at The Wilds.

A blend of cultural innovation, the extension of The Wilds season will let Melbournians explore the creatively vibrant and unapologetically weird ecosystem that transforms the Sidney Myer Music Bowl into a fantastical winter wonderland.

Tickets can be found here.